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By OCHA, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=32295915

(Feb. 19, 2019) — If you’re tired of the winter and you’re looking ahead to summer with excitement, you might also be starting to think of getting out of the country for a while and visiting somewhere a little bit different. Italy could be the ideal holiday destination for you; it certainly has something for everyone, as you’ll find out when you read on.

The Accommodation

Italy has a plethora of gorgeous places to stay from hotels to bed and breakfasts; you can even camp if you want to. The villas in Italy are especially beautiful, offering a home from home comfort to everyone and the kind of beautiful surroundings that you might imagine when you think about Italy and the scenery you can find there.

Villas are perhaps the best kind of accommodation to choose as they mean you can have the type of holiday you want, and you’re not tied into the timings of a hotel, for example, which services food at set times of the day. Plus, you can choose your own food and head off to the local market to purchase it, meeting locals and discovering hidden gems along the way. If you want somewhere private for you and your family to have an amazing holiday, a villa in Italy has to be the first choice.

The Food

Italy is famous for its food the world over. If you love pasta and pizza, but you’ve never tried any other Italian dishes, it is worth visiting this fantastic country just to sample something different! However, don’t also forget to try the real, authentic pizza and pasta while you’re there too, as it is like nothing you will ever have eaten before.

Something that Italians often say is that their food is so good because it is made with love, and it certainly seems to be. Watch the chefs prepare the dishes, or try to make your own if you have chosen a self-catering option. It’s fantastic to have all these fresh, local products just ready for you to use.

It’s Got Everything

Italy was actually only unified relatively recently, in 1861, and the differences between the regions are clearly noticeable – and that’s a good thing when you’re there on holiday. You can explore a medieval town one day and head off to a cosmopolitan city the next, and everything in between.

Look at the architecture in the different places you go to, and you’ll see influences from all across the world that differs from region to region. The food is the same – although delicious no matter where you go, the origins of that food will vary depending on where you are. It makes Italy endlessly fascinating and it means that it has something for everyone, and it can all be combined into one great holiday.

You’ll Learn How To Really Drink Coffee

When it comes to drinking coffee, you’ll learn how to do it the ‘right’ way in Italy. Take cappuccino, for example. It’s fine to drink it for breakfast; in fact, it’s the usual thing. If you order it after 10 am, however, you’ll immediately show yourself to be a tourist. Italians move onto expresso after that time.

As for espresso, it is usually drunk quickly, standing up. Lingering over coffee is something that only happens during a meal. When you get back home, you might want to change your coffee drinking practices, but it’s not necessary!

It’s fun to discover more about the country you are visiting, and taking the time to note down these little differences will help you to blend in and learn more about the culture.

Driving Is Fun

When was the last time you got in your car and drove for fun? It doesn’t really happen that much these days; we all need to be somewhere sooner than now, and there is so much traffic that driving, although a necessity for many, becomes a chore.

In Italy it is different; it is actually fun. Hire a sports car or an old classic and drive in style down the scenic highways. If you take the A1, you can drive from Milan to Naples and really make a road trip out of it. The A1 was the first ever motorway in Europe and is considered to be a driver’s dream.

Along the way, no matter where you drive to or from, you’ll come across Autogrills which are like service stations. However, these are kept incredibly clean, and there is a sense of pride that comes along with them. You can order food here, and it will be homemade and fresh – plus there is usually free wifi.





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