Is Higher Education Still Important for the Young Generation?


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People who undergo higher education learning have more job opportunities than those who do not further their studies. This is one of the many reasons why higher education is important. In addition, higher education graduates earn more salary than non-graduates. Research by the US Census Bureau established that the amount of salary you earn increases with your level of education

(Feb. 19, 2019) — Do you still think higher education is a waste of time? We will give you more reasons to think otherwise.

What is Higher Education?

The basic definition of higher learning is the type of learning provided in universities, colleges or any other institution that will award you with an academic degree. It includes both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This type of education is professionally and vocationally-oriented. It is different from non-academic post-secondary education.

Why Do You Need Higher Education?

Many young people tend to consider high school graduation as the end of education life and the beginning of chasing their careers. This could be because they do not know the need to proceed with learning and the available options when they do. Here are some of the benefits of higher education:

It helps one to become competitive in the market

A college graduate has more chances to be competitive in the career market than a high school graduate. Nowadays, we are living in a competitive society where finding employment is not easy. There are barely new career opportunities in the market which makes graduates compete for the existing ones. To survive in this competition one has to be highly educated.

This is where you feel the importance of higher education because it will have equipped you for good job security. You will have more advantage because even employers prefer university graduates over those who only reached high school. They view an educated employee as an asset to the company. Therefore, you can consider higher learning as a long-term investment that does not only benefit you but the company you are working for as well.

You will learn new skills

University education opens you up to more experiences in life which help you develop more skills. When you read books from professionals and listen to lectures, they help you to think critically, analyze different situations, be creative and explore new ideas. For instance, listening to a literature lecture can motivate you to start an essay-writing service. You can expand this service and lend it to other students at a fee which will earn you income rather than scrambling for scarce jobs in the market.

Essay-writing for students helps you to even expand your knowledge and skills, understand more theories and concepts and relay your thoughts on paper. It is also good to note that having multiple skills helps you to be less vulnerable to sacking during a job recession.

It prepares you for your career

Several students have their careers figured out while in high school. Joining a higher learning institution will help such students sharpen their skills, gain knowledge and necessary training towards the realization of their careers. For others, higher learning helps them choose the career they want to pursue. Additionally, by joining university, you may encounter professors who will advise you on which career is ideal and which one is not so that you do not waste your time chasing a career that may not be beneficial.

It helps you realize a new passion and pursue it

Once you enroll in higher learning, you may find your passions changing to even better ones. You will find yourself loving new things and subjects you used to hate in high school due to a positive influence. In addition, you will be exposed to a chance to try new disciplines that can help shape your career. Many students in Australia have found a new passion in SEO, article, essay, and academic writing thanks to the exposure they have in college. Thus, many of them have started an assignment-help service to aid those that are too busy to complete their assignments on time at a fee. What is even better is that technology has made it easier to buy assignment in Australia online from such students.

Higher education improves a person’s quality of life

Research indicates that college and university graduates have better life care than high school graduates.  This is because they have access to a better diet, healthcare, security, and good economic stability, among other lifestyle benefits. Such people are also well-placed to participate in community and political affairs as they are seen as learned. It doesn’t matter what you study but training your brain beyond high-school gives you an upper hand in most things.

It boosts one’s self-confidence and esteem

Self-esteem and confidence are often lowered by some of the little aspects of life. One of those is being in a crowd of learned people with a low level of education. You will be shy to even address the crowd because you think everyone looks down upon you. In other words, a higher education level enables you to stand tall and believe in yourself. You also stand a better chance to tackle life problems both mentally and physically.


Many students may develop a negative attitude towards education because of factors such as their learning environment and limited freedom. This may lead to some finding no reason to proceed with education after high school. However, it is important that we create an enabling environment for our kids and encourage them so they can see the importance of higher education as we are more exposed to life than they are.

Nowadays there are degrees offered online that can make it easier for students to attain degrees without attending college locally. This has also enabled those that had no means to attend college study no matter their stage in life just to have that degree. This is enough indication of how higher education is not going away any time soon.

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