Green Pests


by Viv Forbes, Executive Director, The Saltbush Club, ©2019

Photo credit: Angsumarn Champati at Shutterstock

(Feb. 18, 2019) — The Green pests are having a dream run in Australia.

First Green Climatists destroyed reliable coal-fired power stations, trying to replace them with intermittent wind-solar toys and a giant $90M battery.

Then a Green PM donated $444M of taxpayer money to discourage industry near the Great Barrier Reef.

Then droughts helped Green water-wasters to kill rural industries from Townsville to Broken Hill. Then floods in the wild rivers of the north devastated much of what was left. Decades of Green opposition to new dams made both drought and flood disasters worse.

Then Green mismanagement of parks, forests and grasslands helped fuel even more destructive bush fires.

And recently a Judge used global warming propaganda to kill a new coking coal mine in NSW, and a Green academic used a fishy finch story to add to the ten year delay to the Adani thermal coal Mine.

Now the lights are going out and jobs are disappearing.

The looming elections provide an opportunity to get rid of this plague of Green pests.

Viv Forbes

Washpool Qld Australia


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