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(Feb. 8, 2019) — Family film lovers, this is for you, so remember the name Darla Rae.  BNJ TV is amazed with this Warrior in Films who blazes through film after film, putting new slants on sagas of old. She is proving with her new films that the Good Old Boys Club has a new “Sister on The Block” who is just as talented as James Cameron, Director of The Titantic, or Francis Ford Copolla, Director of The Godfather, in what used to be a Big Studios world. Darla is a Hollywood award-winning film director. She has created Academy Awards-quality movies that Hollywood is trying to catch up with.

With serious backers, this fireball, who does not mince words but has a hidden heart of gold, can stand with the best directors, male and female. With so many films and documentaries in the movie mix, I was totally shocked with the twist of this film trailer, “24 Hour Intimate Position,” that I believe will grab audiences the way the trailer grabbed me.

Darla’s latest outbreak of films like “24 Hour Intimate Position: I am Just A Girl” proves Hollywood has not caught up with the topics families who live in the heartland (including the Central Cities) want to see. Ms. Rae’s movies, trailers, movie shorts and documentaries will make you think about your life and how you can influence others to think and care for others.

Breaking News Journal TV and Film Broadcasting Company (BNJ TV) gives Darla’s new film, “24 Hour Intimate Position,” a ranking of 4.5 stars out of 5, including all of her other films like “Halloween,” “The Night He came Back,” and “The Goal.”

Darla has a collection of films and shorts every family with teens, kids and those who have gone through struggles should have. As BNJTV sees it, the world could use a family makeover; Darla has the right stuff to do that.

Darla’s other films include:  “Simply Magical,” giving the disabled a quality life and a stage to be created on; and “Broken Ties,” about an absent father who secretly comes back into his daughter’s life.

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