February 7, 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Today’s news treats us to another gem: Our southern border experiences 1,809 attempted illegal crossings every day.

But wait:  a year is 365 days long, and that means that, holy moly, more than 660,000 attempted crossings every year!  How many do we miss?  But 660,000 is a pretty-good-sized city.  In fact, it exceeds the population of most of our state capitals.  But, hey, I’ve been assured that there is no crisis.  I now “know” because Chuck and Nancy and their entire coterie assure me so.

Here’s my personal beef.  Every time I return home from being abroad, I arrive at Dulles Airport here in Northern Virginia, in the late afternoon or early evening, when most other international arrivals occur.  There is NO escaping the Customs and Immigration checks.  And the lines are incredibly long.  Many folks from other countries — as must I — have to show arrival information and passport – and for some of them a valid visa, too.  The immigration officer carefully examines my picture and looks at me carefully to be certain that I am who I claim to be.  Then it’s off to the baggage carousel.  And, before we could board our flight back to the U.S., we had to get wanded, felt up, partially undressed and remove our shoes before we could even get to the departure gate or the lounge.

We go to all this trouble to verify that people who ALREADY HAVE DOCUMENTATION ARE WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE.  Yet at the southern border folks can just walk in and disappear and no one knows if they are ill, if they are criminals escaping the law south of the border, if they have already committed crimes in the U.S., or even what their proper names are.

So, here’s my point, I, and you, too (should you travel by air) are held up in long lines and tired after a very long flight (or flights) and must get thoroughly checked.  Yet others can simply walk across the border.  This is discrimination!  And we should demand our rights!

Just kidding.  We have to check and thank the Lord that we do.  But why wouldn’t some swarthy foreign terrorist not just join the Caravan and avoid the long lines at Dulles or JFK, or SFO, or LAX and maybe being discovered for what he/she is?

It seems only we “deplorables” can figure these things out.  P.S.:  Maybe somebody should tell Nancy  to “…Tear down this wall…”  The one around her property, since it is “immoral” and “doesn’t work” anyway.

It gets dumber and dumber.  Fortunately we have mainstream media to “clear things up for us…..”

Old, Discriminated-Against Frank


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