Government Time Traveler Report (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2019

(Feb. 7, 2019) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘The Pulse of the Nation,’ your one stop for the truth. Today we’re at an undisclosed location but I did see a sign that read ‘NASA’ and another that proclaimed ‘AUTHORIZED FORCE,’ so I guess we better watch our step. Hello, my name is Roving, as in Roving Reporter (RR), and with me here is General Top Secret.”

“Excuse me, Roving, that’s not my real name; you can call me ‘General Top.’

“Are you really a General, General Top?”

“I’m afraid that’s privileged information.”

“Okay, but is this a real secret base and what goes on here?”

“I’m afraid I can’t reveal whether this base is secret or not and we certainly can’t reveal why we’re here, at least not publicly.”

“Then why are we here? I mean, what’s the point if we’re not going to learn anything?”

“Hold your horses, Roving: I want you to meet somebody but you’ve got to promise me you’ll keep it a secret.”

“Let’s see: there’s the cameraman and the sound-boom operator and there’s me and we’re broadcasting live so, sure, we can keep a secret; why not? Wait one, please, we’ve got to break for these important messages.”

Do You Want to Know a Secret” (1:59)

“Okay, I’ll take that as giving your word; I used to be the security chief for the Clinton campaign, you know.”

“You were in charge of her 30,000 emails while in uniform? You mean you collected an Army paycheck while working for a civilian running for public office?”

“You make it sound fishy and underhanded; you think there was something wrong with that?”

“Oh, no, of course not: I’m just a lowly taxpayer and used to being taken advantage of.”

“Please step over to this secret building where I want you to meet someone. Mr. Roving, please meet Mr. X.”

“How do you do, Mr. Roving?”

“I’m fine but really perplexed, Mr. X. So you’re the one who’s going to tell us what’s happening?”

“What will happen, Mr. Roving. You see, I’m a time-traveler: I travel into the future in 20-year increments. Everyday I travel 20 years into the future, stay an hour and then come back.”

“Amazing. How long have you been doing this?”

“Little over 17 years, the day I quit smoking, matter of fact. And drinking.”

“Okay, I suppose you’ve had a head’s-up why we’re here: what’s the verdict?”

“The verdict is that, once the baby could be ‘aborted’ — after a natural birth and made ‘comfortable’ and then murdered – the time between the birth and the murder has been extended.”

“No way; I mean, mind explaining that for us?”

“Not at all. The first extension was granted to the mothers who never thought of aborting their baby in the first place, but couldn’t handle the terrible twos.”

“Now that I can understand. Anymore?”

“Next age it was bumped-up to, when mothers could ‘abort’ their child, was at the age of 12, the age when the Little Rascals discover sex, drugs and rock-and-roll.”

“I can understand that one, too. Any more?”

“One more: at the ‘one day left to the age of consent’; in other words you can murder your child – with impunity, mind you — the day before their 18th birthday. And that’s as far as they’ve extended the ‘contemplation time’ (in order to decide to abort or not). And now it’s time for me to get in this-here hot rod that’s really a time machine. Maybe I’ll look you up in 20 years.”

“Be looking forward to it; nice to have met you, Mr. X. And now the General is shooing us out as we’ve reached the end of our program and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Another wow of a show. But you know, once you condone murder, the sky’s the limit; isn’t that right? The Germans sure as heck didn’t have any problem with murder, did they? Hey, burger time: my treat.”

Why Can’t We All Get A Longneck” (3:28)


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