The Mask Has Slipped from the Evil Face of Modern Liberalism — and Its Incongruity


February 1, 2019

Human Baby at eight weeks

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Here in my home state of Virginia our new governor, a physician by training and a Democrat by choice, has joined with extreme liberals to favor a change to our laws that will permit outright murder of the most innocent, pure, and vulnerable among us.  The bill would protect a mother, and her abetting medical staff, from punishment should she decide that she really doesn’t want the child that she just delivered.  Our governor opines that with the help of the medical staff, the infant would be resuscitated – if needed and the mother so wished — and kept “comfortable” while the “mother” and her “doctors” decided on whether the infant should be given a death sentence.  The “after the moment of birth” decision need not involve perceived danger to the mother’s physical condition, but rather, to her psyche.

Heaven help us!  I wish this story were made up but, tragically, it is real.  Such laws will likely be adopted by more liberal states if this is not stopped.  Fortunately, Senator Sasse of Nebraska has proposed a bill that would outlaw such practice nationwide.  We should wish him Godspeed and inform our representatives and senators to support his bill.

Now let us consider the extraordinary incongruity of this terrible idea.  What is so disturbing is that these very same liberal leftists also insist that the death penalty for even mass murderers is “inhumane’ and must be prohibited.  The same folks also insist that even the murderous members of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS who we capture must be granted the guarantees of our constitution and laws.  And they insist that every illegal immigrant has immediate, full access to the guarantees and protections of our legal system and laws the moment they set foot in the United States.  So, the protection under our laws is guaranteed for everyone in our country – everyone except for innocent newborns?  How does one square that circle?

The murder of an infant is no longer an abortion.  It is not a “woman’s right to choose,” either.  It is homicide!  This infant is a living human being, innocent of sin, and a gift of God.

This puts me in mind of one of the “memory work” pieces that cadets had to recite on a moment’s notice to upperclassmen.  It is General Washington’s statement on profanity, whose last line is “…We can have little hope of the blessings of heaven on our arms, if we continue to insult it with our impiety and folly….”  Substitute the word “souls” for “arms” and his words ring true in this case, also.

Old, Disgusted Frank

One Response to "The Mask Has Slipped from the Evil Face of Modern Liberalism — and Its Incongruity"

  1. Bob Russell   Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 4:20 PM

    This is another spit in the face of Almighty God by the satanic left in our nation. This MUST NOT be allowed to happen. We will find ourselves under Sodom and Gomorrah punishment if this gets a foothold. Our nation is already too evil to suit me and sliding further into Hell with this murder of a newborn child of God is unacceptable. The Godless leftists who control so much of the nation are going to lead us into total destruction unless We the People put a stop to it!!!!!

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