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by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 30, 2019) — On Wednesday night, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham appeared on “Hannity” to say that he has asked FBI Director Christopher Wray to explain why a raid-style descent by 29 agents in tactical gear was carried out on longtime Trump acquaintance and Mueller probe target Roger Stone last Friday to effect his arrest for alleged white-collar crimes.

Graham said he sees the FBI’s actions as “over-the-top.”  “It seemed to be sending the wrong message,” Graham said.

“If they’re sending a message, I’m sending a message to them:  you’re accountable to the Congress,” Graham said of the FBI.  “They better answer my letter.”

Stone is accused of obstructing justice and lying to Congress in the course of Mueller’s probe of Russia “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russian influence on the U.S. 2016 election.

Asked about the wall President Trump wants constructed at the U.S.-Mexico border, Graham said he spoke with the president “ten minutes before” his appearance on the show and that “the wall is going to be built one way or another.”  In regard to ongoing negotiations with congressional Democrats for wall funding, Graham said the latter have “overplayed their hand.”

An impasse between Congress and the White House on December 21 resulted in a 35-day partial government shutdown which caused 25% of government employees to miss two paychecks and resulted in several airports shutting down last Friday due to reported short-staffing.

Closing the interview, speaking of Trump, Graham told congressional Republicans to “stand behind him.”


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  1. I was just watching a Fox News video where Roger Stone is entering a courthouse. I’ve noticed that in each of these clips where you see that, there’s a person in the background holding a sign with some ludicrous accusation on it.

    Except in Avenatti’s walk…at least, the one that I saw.

    Why do conservatives not have a person set up to be in the background with the URL of a website pointing to Obama truth…of course, in a way that lures in the on-the-fence liberal, so that they can get real information (so call it Obamajustice, or Obamalove–anything to get them to a place where you can put facts in front of them.

    It might sound stupid, but obviously the left has been using this as part of its advantage. Conservatives need to go after every opinion that they can sway…if you get a chance to get a fact out there, do it. The left wing media is paying people to carry signs (always one…probably a homeless guy) in the background of these shots.