by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 21, 2019) — At approximately the 26:00 mark in her Monday radio show, constitutional educator, author and speaker KrisAnne Hall began a discussion of the current federal impasse over the building of a “border wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Hall headlined the segment as “the only true border solution.”

Broadcasting from Texas rather than her studio in Florida, Hall and her husband, JC Hall, spent the earlier part of the broadcast recounting a firearms training and self-defense course they promoted and attended over the weekend. She said that “real-life, situational training” was offered.

In regard to firearms possession, Hall said, “It’s not a Second Amendment right; it’s a right to keep and bear arms.”

She followed that with, “It’s not ‘build the wall’; it’s ‘secure our borders.'” She said that constitutionally, the states “delegated” power to the federal government to provide for national security but that in the absence of federal action, each “state government” is empowered to protect its people.

“The states are independent, sovereign governments,” Hall asserted, with their authority coming from “the American people.”  She posited that “when the federal government fails, we don’t have to sit around and wait” for change to occur. Rather, she said, “It is our responsibility.”

“We are arguing a false paradigm,” she continued, referring to “executive action” the president might take to build a wall on the southern border.

She said that the states’ taking no action is “begging for invasion” and that Texas, for example, has the right to secure California’s border with Mexico, if California will not, in pursuit of Texas’s own security.

The YouTube version of the show can be viewed below.


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  1. She was fired because she was totally wrong about so much of the Constitution’s real meaning. During the campaign of 2016, she was very wrong about several candidates. I no longer rely on her so-called expertise. With regard to the states protecting their own borders, it’s impractical. Immigration is constitutionally within the power of the President and Congress. She’s right only in the fact that when the federal government fails to secure the border, the states have the right to do so. But how does expect them to do that? They can deal with illegal invaders only AFTER the enter the US. We’re trying to keep them out! The one thing the states SHOULD do is to revitalize their constitutionally mandated Militias. It’s the Militia that can successfully pick up the illegal invaders that get through our border, which would be very few, if any, if we had the Wall. I never rely on any source that can’t be corroborated. Hall’s statements are often debunked by other constitutionalists. I unsubscribed to her website in 2016. Please, read about immigration straight from the Constitution and you’ll see i’m right. I have. PS: If you want a cite, let me know.

  2. First: Sharon Rondeau, great website, I just discovered it today and I signed up for updates.

    Second: I am not a student of the Constitution. The application of the Constitution is a mix of Constitution plus Federal law, plus state law and legal precedents in all three.
    I certainly don’t know if the states have the authority to protect their own borders or not but the failure to protect our country and our citizens is contrary to EVERY understanding we have about our government starting with the politicians sworn Oath of Office.
    The Democrats are deliberately thwarting this effort to protect our country by saying there’s no problem at the border. With our citizens dyiing by the thousands every month from drugs smuggled from Mexico and the violent Cartel gangsters killing our citizens in a variety of ways, I’d say we DO have a problem at the border.
    What can be done? For the next 6 years we COULD support the President in his effort to protect this country. That won’t happen because there are too many communists [yes, communists] out there embedded at every level of City, State and Federal government plus a lot of private industry.