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(Dec. 28, 2018) — From South Africa, Pakistan and all over the United States, BNJ TV and International Kingdom Connect have partnered to bring you a New Year’s celebration with classical music to South African culture music and superstars heading up the BNJ TV lineup of programs. Hosts and content providers will include Medieval reenactments to education about the Middle Ages, to Entertainment, Comedy, Fashion, Live Events, Breaking News 24/7, inspirational programs, Book Authors, Nature, and Children’s Programming.

We will bring you the best in TV On-Demand programs from the hosts where you get to choose what you want to see. BNJ TV is now on Roku TV On-Demand which hosts channels like Hulu Plus, Netflix and now BNJ. Roku reached over 40 million households.

The big news is this event brings the addition of the mega-partnership International Business Connect, which is bringing a mind-blowing component to BNJ. IKC brings its businesses, sports, entertainment, and inspirational connections to one location as we unveil the International Kingdom Connect TV Channel. This event is bringing two powerhouse businesses together that will change the media world as we know it.

Get your tickets now for “Happy New Year from Us To You” and tell others to do the same. By participating in this event you are getting a birdseye view on how we will change media history.

Tickets are available for $1.99 here.

[Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email’s editor will be participating in this family-friendly event.]

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