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(Dec. 17, 2018) —

Spring 2017

If you can do something good, You should.
If you are the only One who can do something good,
You must.
Sibley’s Law
Montgomery Blair Sibley really did not want to file another lawsuit in the spring of 2016. Having battled the government and its arbitrary and capricious, unauthorized exercise of power for years, a simpler existence called loudly to him.  He had birthed and parented four children to adulthood and shepherded, at their requests, three wives to better lives and out of his. His legal career had never left his original intent to “do good” as had so many of his fellow members of the bar who had used their law license monopoly to “do well”.
Blair had spent the years 2006 through 2009 representing Jeane Palfrey who became known as the D.C. Madam.  Jeane had run an upscale escort service in Washington, D.C. for 14 years without complaint or criminal investigation.  Yet for reasons that remain to this day unclear, in the fall of 2006, the federal government seized all of Jeane’s assets and subsequently indicted her on money laundering charges.  Blair represented Jeane in her civil and criminal matters; that story is told in the book he wrote: “Why Just Her? The Judicial Lynching of the D.C. Madam”.
Jeane was found dead by hanging in June 2009, a death that was ruled a suicide but left many questions unanswered.  However, the notoriety of Jeane’s case thrust Blair into a spotlight that saw him approached by many who felt they could not cope with the government that was expending resources in prosecuting cases of them that had no legitimate reason for prosecution.
Thus it was that Larry Sinclair called Blair in the summer of 2008 seeking help.  Larry claimed that he had information about Barack Obama’s sex and drug history. In particular, Larry and the Choir Director of Obama’s church in Chicago had exchanged a series of text messages regarding Obama and their homosexual relationship with him.  Shortly thereafter, the choir director, Donald Young, age 47, was found dead — shot in the back of the head in his Chicago apartment execution style. Larry was afraid for his life and the Chicago Police were not sympathetic.
Blair proposed to Larry a simple strategy:  Put the truth out in bold fashion and the result would be assured:  Ridicule and the news cycle would move on. As a result, Blair organized a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  At the press conference — still on YouTube — Larry made his allegations, was ridiculed and then, unexpectedly, arrested by order of Joe Biden’s son on a Delaware warrant for bad checks.  The result was as Blair intended. No one thought Larry credible and he was soon relegated to a minor footnote that has been all but erased. Larry now lives quietly in Florida.
Yet Blair had challenged yet again the status quo and once again he was approached by those who believed that for factual and legal reasons Obama was not eligible to be President of the United States given the qualifications contained in Article II of the U.S. Constitution. The still-unresolved legal question was: what was the definition of a “natural born Citizen” as used in Article II of the U.S. Constitution — a question that no court had ever addressed.
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