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December 15, 2018

Screenshot from Donald Trump’s October 22, 2016 “First 100 Days” Gettsyburg speech, courtesy Donald Trump Speeches and Events

Fellow e-mail patriots, I plan to send the following Letter to the President via U.S. Mail.  It contains suggestions for things he may want to consider doing in the next SIX years of his Presidency.  You may want to do something similar, since President Trump faces many challenges — and much opposition from enemies foreign and domestic. He can use the help of all of us in order to not only “Make America Great Again” but to “Make America Better Than Ever.”

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Dear President Trump,

Congratulations on the many outstanding accomplishments you’ve achieved in the short time since you became President.I reviewed them courtesy of You’ve done more good things to help America and

Americans than many of your predecessors — combined.  Well done, Mr. President ! You deserve our THANKS.

You know — better than your critics — what else needs to be done.  It would be nice if the Democrats would cooperate with you and if the media would do a fair job of reporting.  But that may be too much to hope for — if we consider the tactics they employed during the confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court justice..  They are only digging their own graves and harming America by retarding the positive steps that need to be taken to improve our country– for all Americans.

As you well know, we are involved in a “Propaganda War” with the Left.  For the sake of our nation, the “good guys” must win this war. To counter the false claims and “Fake News” spewed out by the opposition, you need something else — besides Tweets on Twitter.  You need a domestic version of the “Voice of America.”  While that may not be possible, you can communicate with all Americas by taking a page out of FDR’s playbook and having monthly “Fireside Chats.”  Additionally, you can enlist the good services of Newt Gingrich to develop an updated version of his “Contract With America” — which greatly helped former President Ronald Reagan. These two steps if implemented will counter the efforts of the mainstream media (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, New York Times,  WAPO,etc.) to discredit and denigrate your Agenda. The American people — of all races, creeds, ideologies and political beliefs — needs to get to know exactly what your administration wants to achieve in the 6 years ahead.Your chances for reelection in 2020

will be greatly aided if you can enlighten folks who have been misled by the media or by professors or by politicians from the Left or by Elitists or Globalists or New World Order proponents, as well as Communists and Socialists.

What are some things that still need to be done ?  There are many, but I’ll mention just a few.  (Hopefully other true Americans will also be sending you ideas and your cabinet members and Newt  and Sean and Tucker will offer theirs.)

Also, Almighty God may  provide some inspiration on what He would like to see happen — just ask Him.) Here goes:

  1. Get the Wall — and/or other effective systems — implemented in order to protect all of us from drug cartels, terrorists,and criminals.  (Use drones to cover isolated areas without deterrent systems — and send ICE as needed.)
  2. Develop an effective Immigration Control program (E- Verify + VISA overstays + Merit admissions + Guest Workers)

     (As for the Caravan leaders demanding $50,000 per head to “go home,” say “Extortion is a Crime.”)

  1. Mandate all States to have Voter ID / Citizenship cards to avoid voter fraud like we just went thru in 2018.
  2. Assign U.S. Marshalls to oversee voting at those polls which have had irregularities in the past, e.g 250 ballots cast — but only 190 registered voters in that precinct.
  1. Consider seriously abolishing the Federal Reserve system of private bankers and let U.S. Treasury do the job which it is constitutionally charged with. Ask Ron Paul about this matter.
  2. Reboot the U.S. dollar ( fiat currency) and back it with GOLD.
  3. Abolish the Department of Education (and Common Core) as well as some other unconstitutional departments. For ideas, consult Tom Schatz of Citizens Against Government Waste for his list of “Prime Cuts”  save Billions.
  4. Start up the Military Tribunals soon to arrest and prosecute the individuals named in Unsealed Indictments per your Executive Order of December, 2017. (Rid the country of traitors, pedophiles, criminals, and corruption.)
  1. Repeal and replace Obamacare — recently declared “Unconstitutional” by a federal judge. Defund Planned P.
  2. Reverse the FDA bans on effective cures and natural treatments for many diseases.
  3. Regulate the extortionate prices charged by BIG PHARMA for many drugs. Make them justify their prices.
  4. Require Monsanto to stop selling “Round Up” which contains a known cancer-causing substance — glyphosate.

One farmer sued them and won millions. Now thousands of others will follow suit. Serves Monsanto right — what they did — and continue to do — is criminal!  (The poor Bayer Co.just bought the Monsanto company — talk about a very poor business decision !!!!!)   (The FDA and EPA need to investigate other herbicides which may cause cancer.)

  1. Implement common sense prison  and sentencing reform.
  1. Continue to purge from the government various Deep State operatives, Obama holdovers, Muslim Brotherhood members installed by Obama, Rinos/Cinos/Never-Trumpers, and FBI/CIA/NSA agents who were disloyal to their Oath.
  2. Prosecute the long chain of persons who conspired to invalidate the 2016 Presidential election via false charges, such as the Obama’s, the Clinton’s, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, John Brennan, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe,Peter Strozek, Lisa Page, James Clapper,etc., etc., etc.
  1. Award “Medal of Freedom” to those who have provided Exceptional service to our country, including but not limited to the following persons of outstanding merit for advancing American values:
  • First Lady Melania Trump
  • Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch
  • Julian Assange of Wikileaks
  • Admiral Rogers
  • Devin Nunes
  •  Mark Meadows
  • Newt Gingrich
  • Positive Purveyors of Truth fighting those who try to mislead the American people:
  1. Sean Hannity
  2. Tucker Carlson
  3. Laura Ingraham
  4. Rush Limbaugh
  5. Mark Levin
  6. Wayne Allyn Root
  7. Joseph Farah of World Net Daily
  8. Judi McCloud of Canada Free Press

Finally, Mr. President, we all share your discouragement in being opposed for doing what is right for America. But take heart.  The good people of America are behind you 100%.  More importantly, we will VOTE for you again in 2020. God sent you to us in our time of dire need and to prevent a great evil — HRC — from destroying our country. You have already done great things for America — and will do many additional things of significance in the future.. God speed !

God bless you and your family and administration. May you have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.


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