December 4, 2018

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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I am not a worry wart, but I am worried.  As a citizen, I am guaranteed my rights by our Declaration of Independence and our venerable Constitution.  I willingly pay my taxes, on time and in full, at the federal, state, and local level, on not only my income, but on nearly every purchase I might make.  I (we) do this in exchange for the necessary things that government at all levels does for us citizens (as well as a lot of stuff that goes to special interests, that I [we] are not so happy about, but we usually go along with anyway.)

My (our) chance to have a say in what and how government at all levels does what it does is our sacred — and guaranteed– right to vote, in what we expect to be honest elections.  But I am concerned (and you should be, too) that the sanctity of our election process – our sacred right as citizens – may be corrupted worse than ever before.  Only eligible citizens can vote in federal elections.  One surmises that some states and localities might allow non-citizens to vote in elections within their exclusive jurisdictions, but that at the federal level, the right to vote is reserved for U.S. citizens – live citizens – and that each citizen has only one vote, in a single location.

America has always been a fluid society and whole families often move to different states and localities again and again.  Military families, like mine, did this every few years, and each time, we would have to re-register, or opt to maintain a permanent state of residency where we would vote.  But in all those movements and relocations, how many times did any of those folks – other than us — notify their local election officials that they were leaving?  For all others who did not inform anyone, how were the local voting rolls purged?  And setting aside those who move from place to place, what about those who die?  Social Security is supposed to be notified, but do the feds ever inform the local election officials?  And even if the feds do so, who confirms that the local election officials remove the dead from the voter rolls?

So, in nearly every jurisdiction throughout our great nation, the names of dead voters as well as folks who have changed residency are likely to remain on the rolls.  With me so far?  And now, enter the folks who shout the loudest that “every vote must be counted” and who routinely complain, without any proof, about voter “suppression” that is always being “done” by folks outside leftist circles….

We have reliable accounts after every election that the same districts, over and over, count more votes than there are registered voters on their rolls.  And now we have a new term, “ballot harvesting,” that is performed to ensure that leftist candidates whose vote totals among absentee voters and those who actually show up at the polls fall well short are somehow miraculously found to be winners after all because of “votes” “harvested” from those unable to actually show up.  If the signatures on the outside envelope don’t look like the ones on the inside envelope, no matter: they MUST be counted!  And such “votes” are delivered, after the counting, by the thousands.  Reminds one of the 1960 presidential where JFK was behind in the count and needed the Illinois electoral votes in order to win.  The calls went out, and the question, ‘How many votes do you need?’ was asked and answered, and the cemeteries of Chicago and its suburbs saved the day, courtesy of the Daly Machine.  It was joked about.  But it really is a disgrace, rather than a joke.

What to do about this?  I propose that the Congress pass a “True the Election” act that will set strict rules for correcting voter eligibility rules, prescribe minimum qualifications and duties for local election officials, and establish severe penalties for failure to accurately ensure that every vote cast and counted was made by a qualified, live voter.  It should also mandate that the voter rolls be purged regularly and specify detailed procedures that must be observed to ensure the integrity of those rolls. Finally, it should establish, once and for all, timelines for completing the counts!  Exceptions for extending such counting periods would require federal approval – even for state and local elections.

There is nothing more sacred or important for us as citizens as our duty to vote and the assurance that our votes – and only votes of qualified voters like us – are counted!

I know the Democrats and the media and the ACLU, et al, will scream like heck.  But so, what?  Force THEM to PROVE their claims, claims which we can expect and which we already know will be bogus, phony, malarkey, baloney, and so on.  Jim Crow died years ago and is long buried.  Only liars try to resurrect him.  Oh, and BTW:  Jim Crow was a DEMOCRAT!!

Old Frank

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  1. Dear Old Frank,

    The problem is that there’s one heck of a lot of people out there who really don’t care about honest elections. These people are the ones who cry about “hanging chads”, “disenfranchised if they’re required to have a voter ID”, and are “offended” from Confederate War
    Statues or, for that matter, any imagined wrong that, well, basically, they’ve been told to imagine.

    So we can label these people “pawns of the Deep State”, they’re being used – willingly, by the way, through pure ignorance – yet will never reap any benefit from their idiotic behavior; in example, voting for the “Fraud that is Obama (WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?)” and requiring some kind of relaxing technique from the shock that most Americans didn’t want a liar, thief and an accessory to murder (Benghazi is but one example) as president.

    I’ve always equated a fraudulent vote as a shot through the heart of anyone who died on the field of battle fighting for freedom. The other side doesn’t think that way because they’re, actually, too stupid. There are Obots in my family and when I say, “It’s all about the Constitution” they retort, “I don’t care”.

    The purveyors of Socialism aren’t selling the billet at the bottom of the heap; they always push for living in the compound that’s protected by high walls with broken glass bottles on the top for protection from the very people who fall for the lies that they’re pushing.