Stopping Illegal Immigration By Forcing Self-Deportation


by Ron Ewart, President, NARLO, ©2018

(Nov. 29, 2018) — We’ve grown furious over the recent images being displayed on our television screens showing the arrogance of those illegal aliens in the Central American caravans who somehow have gotten in their minds that America owes them asylum, or a job, or America’s generous welfare benefits, or an education, or health care, or food, clothing, housing and transportation.  If you are seeking asylum, or a job, you don’t throw rocks and bottles at Border Patrol agents or cross our national borders illegally.

Yes, we know that some of them are just poor peasants seeking a better and more secure life.   But the desire to come to America for whatever reason does not give them an absolute, irrevocable right to illegally cross our borders or encumber legal American citizens for their care.  Most of illegal immigration consists of uneducated, low-skilled poor people with very little desire to learn our language and assimilate into the American culture.  They bring diseases with them, they hide in the shadows and come here only for the jobs or the welfare.  It is not the American taxpayer’s fault that Central American countries are not safe places to live.  It is not the American taxpayer’s obligation to pay for their care simply because they are poor.

We know the government isn’t going to fix the problem and any legislative fix would be a useless compromise that would leave the problem unresolved.  Consequently, we channeled our fury into action and created a YouTube video describing what unfettered illegal immigration is doing to America’s neighborhoods, the economy, jobs and our culture.  The video points to our website, which further describes the damage being done and putting forth a plan of action to force illegal aliens to self-deport.

If enough Americans will engage in this plan of action, we could start to see self-deportation begin in several months and illegal border crossings reduced to a trickle.

If the government will not act, it is then up to the people to bring stability to the rule of law in America by forcing illegal aliens to self-deport back to their own countries where they will feel more at home and not feel like they are unwanted strangers in a foreign land.

One Response to "Stopping Illegal Immigration By Forcing Self-Deportation"

  1. Rattlerjake   Friday, November 30, 2018 at 12:06 PM

    Self deportation has a very simple solution! We already have the laws that would solve the problem, we just need to enforce them, and ANY politician, whether city, state, or fed that refuses to or ignores enforcement of those laws needs to be fired (and lose ALL benefits), severely fined, and or tried/convicted and jailed! This also goes for any civilian who aids illegals by providing housing or jobs – PERIOD! If someone comes to rent a house/apt or applies for a job, they need to provide adequate identification proving they are a US citizen or are legally in this country (Visa, Green Card, Exchange Student ID, etc.). And lastly, the SCOTUS needs to, once and for all, establish that the 14th amendment is NOT to provide citizenship for “anchor babies, but was written expressly to cover those citizens in this country because of slavery. In reality, the 14th amendment needs to be “closed” (not repealed), because the problem it was created for has already been satisfied.

    If these things were done, the United States would have no more problems with illegals and they would leave, including the 22 million? that are already settled, because they could NOT survive. here.

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