More on the “Immigration” Assault on Our Nation


November 29, 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

By mistake, we turned on NBC “News” at breakfast time and I quickly switched to a local channel that would give us straight talk about our local weather and traffic conditions.   The NBC “fake” morning news was showing pictures of mothers and their kids being tear-gassed by our “fascist” border-control “Nazis” – when the truth was that the border rush was done exclusively by the young thugs in the caravan….

So, I wondered about the mindset of the liberal news media and the DNC acolytes among us who so strongly support “open borders” – (at least for this caravan) and thought of some questions that we should ask, even if so doing might be upsetting, making them stutter, become enraged, and then leave the room.  Question sets were used by Socrates (as recorded faithfully by Plato).  These were later dubbed as “dialectic argument.”  Each question stated a “thesis” and the contrary view – the reply — was the “antithesis.”  And the follow-up question– accepting part of the antithesis—was melded into a “synthesis” which then became the new “thesis,” and the whole process began anew until unity of thought was agreed to.   It was sort of an “If this, then that, then if this, then that…”

With all apologies to ancient Athens, here we go:

  • Do you insist that it is unjust for us to deny entry to our country to the many-thousand-strong caravan from Central America that is currently outside our southern border?  If so, what is the upper limit of those to whom we must allow entry?  If you have a limit, how did you arrive at it?
  • Will admitting today’s caravan of several thousand members encourage new caravans to also come to the US?  If so, how many more caravans should be allowed entry?
  • How did you determine that number?  Where is your data?
  • Should those to whom we allow entry be permitted to settle wherever they wish?
  • What if the communities in which the “asylum-seekers” desire to settle have only limited resources to accommodate them, such as limited vacant housing, few facilities for free meals, limited numbers of ESL teachers and classrooms for the school-age children, scarcity of gratis medical care (if needed).  Who would check shot records or give health checks of immigrant kids to protect the original residents’ children from communicable diseases, such as measles, diphtheria, polio, tuberculosis, etc.?
  • Should communities have the right to refuse to accept scores of undocumented kids into their school systems?
  • Should local community hospitals be obliged to treat illnesses or provide dental care and the like that the indigents will likely require without charge?
  • How will such costs be borne by the community that accepts them, or into which the “asylum-seekers” are dumped?
  • Are jobs are available for the working-age “asylum-seekers” within the communities in which they chose to settle?  If not, how will public assistance be provided?
  • If employment is not readily available, where and how will the “caravan members” live, eat, and stay warm?  (The climate in the US being so different from that of Central America.)
  • Should the above questions have uncertain answers, how will screening be performed to eliminate those who cannot be readily accommodated, and what criteria will be used, who will do the screening, and what will become of those excluded?
  • The list of questions goes on and on and the answers become less and less connected to reality.  That’s because for libs, “feelings” always outrank such pesky things as reality and “facts.”

It is less than compassionate to allow strangers into our midst without first considering how they will be cared for and how they may react to their new surroundings.  Compassion works when pre-planning is done and preparations are made.  Are we ready to see tens of thousands in tent cities?

And, another thing that we must ask – and resolve – is how did this several-thousand-strong “caravan” (invasion) get the idea that they would be able to simply walk across our southern border?  Who fed them en route?  Where did the money come from for the food, the buses, the rail tickets?  Who provided the sanitary facilities en route?  In short, who invited them and why?  Where are the “investigative reporters?”  Could it be that the media doesn’t want to learn the answers to these questions?  Ooops, sorry, you already knew the answer to that question.

Old Frank

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