by Sharon Rondeau

Photo credit:  Mark Taylor at Wikimedia Commons, cc-by-2.0

(Nov. 29, 2018) — During an interview on Thursday night’s “Hannity” with guest Dan Bongino, longtime Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera said that in response to the 50+ “migrants” throwing rocks at U.S. Border Patrol agents on Sunday from the Mexican side of the border, “Spanish-speaking ambassadors” should be dispatched to speak with the aggressors.

When given his chance to speak, Bongino asked Rivera what he “would do” if he were a Border Patrol agent and had “a rock thrown at his face.”  At first, Rivera did not answer Bongino’s question, but rather, decried the use of tear gas by Border Patrol agents after rocks and bottles were hurled in their direction from across the border fence.

Rivera cried out that the use of tear gas on “women and children” was immoral.  Becoming increasingly more emotional, he dominated the segment, shouting over Hannity and Bongino, while calling for a “humanitarian” approach to the “migrants” wishing to enter the U.S.

He reminded Hannity and Bongino that they were likely the grandchildren of “immigrants” and appeared to make the case that in general, newcomers from other nations bring in diseases, which the “migrants” were reported to have on Thursday.

Hannity suggested that U.S. medical personnel have the capacity to treat the diseases, which reportedly include head lice, tuberculosis, HIV, respiratory infections, and chicken pox among some of the children.

The vast majority of those traveling in the “caravan,” which Hannity said Thursday now contains approximately 7,000 people from Central America, are reportedly young, single men.  More than 4,500 have been camping in Tijuana, Mexico, whose funding for emergency housing, showers, food, and medical treatment will reportedly be exhausted on Friday.

According to U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP), a Border Patrol trainee must learn Spanish and pass a test to continue in his or her employment after an initial period.






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  1. Geraldo actually protested the fact that it was being asserted that some of the caravan members had diseases. The fact is that some of them do. Geraldo should read the history of Ellis Island. There, immigrants with certain diseases were turned away. Border Patrol agents do speak Spanish. In any event, it was ludicrous for Geraldo to suggest that talking to someone who is throwing rocks and bottles at you should replace the use of deterrent measures. Obama used tear gas many times at the border without any public uproar. Now that President Trump is using it, he gets criticized for gassing women and children. As Hannity says, it is a parents responsibility to take their children away from such border rushing. Fact is, the caravan used the few women and children as human shields. Making their own children targets while they themselves stormed our border.