Embedded Video-Journalist: “Migrant Caravan” Organized to “Poke Trump in the Eye”


by Sharon Rondeau


(Nov. 23, 2018) — On Wednesday Judicial Watch’s Director of Investigations & Research Chris Farrell interviewed video-journalist Ami Horowitz, who was embedded with the thousands-strong “caravan” now ensconced in Tijuana, Mexico intent on crossing into the United States.

At the opening of the conversation, Farrell reminded the audience that he and others had been embedded with the caravan in Guatemala at the end of last month, where he found what he described as “a lot of charming young men” (1:00) amid a “wave of humanity” traveling northward to the U.S. border.

Ironically, earlier this month Farrell was banned from any future appearances on the Fox News and Fox Business channels, but Farrell said he was “pleased” to learn that Horowitz’s work was featured on FNC in its coverage of the caravan, which formed in mid-October in Honduras.

Farrell’s disinvitation was based on a statement he made connecting George Soros to the U.S. State Department which JW has said through a series of FOIA request revelations to exist, if indirectly.

Early in the interview, Horowitz claimed that “the mainstream media” is not reporting accurately the composition of the caravan.  “I estimate between 90 and 95% are men,” he said, a finding Farrell confirmed from his time in Guatemala.  “This is a highly organized, created agenda that was created to push a certain political agenda,” he continued.  “…The reality is, this effort costs millions of dollars.”

He said that Pueblos sin Fronteras is the main sponsor and intends to use the “manufactured crisis in order to push this agenda.”

A surprise to him, Horowitz said, was that “tour buses” and trucks were frequently transporting the “migrants” the 1,000-mile trip through Mexico to Tijuana, where locals have expressed outrage at what they see as an invasion of their town.

Some in the mainstream media have called Tijuanans’ anger at the influx of foreigners “racist” and “neo-nationalist.  On Thursday, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported that some of the travelers complained about the conditions in the temporary shelter they were provided in Tijuana.

Both Farrell and Horowitz said they asked “dozens” of travelers why they left loved ones in Central America but purportedly sought an escape from  “violence,” to which Horowitz said the overwhelming response was a “long silence and stare.”

“That’s exactly what I found,” Horowitz responded.  “This is being pushed in a partnership…between the organizers of this caravan…and the media,” he said (12:01).

The mainstream media has largely reported that the travelers intend to ask for “asylum” after reaching the United States. Current U.S. immigration law requires a “credible fear” factor which the applicant must reasonably prove in order to be granted temporary status in the country.

Farrell suggested that “a criminal investigation” of the organizers should be launched given that thousands of lives could be at stake.

Horowitz said he spoke on the phone with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, an exchange depicted in a video posted at his website.  “She was proud to say that…they were involved from Day One,” he reported.  “And when I said to her, ‘Are you doing this also because you’re looking to kind-of poke Trump in the eye?’ she laughed and said, ‘Yeah, yeah, sure.”

“Stop the presses; there’s the headline,” Farrell said, laughing.

The New York Times was all over it,” Horowitz responded, tongue-in-cheek.

On Thursday, President Trump said he would “close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control,” a move ABC News called “drastic.”

Horowitz has reported on the Syrian refugee crisis caused by civil war and the social and economic upheaval in Venezuela under dictator Nicolas Maduro.







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