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(Nov. 21, 2018) — A little bit of extra money is always good, and in today’s current economy, every little helps when it comes to paying rent or simply to survive in your day to day. From selling your unused items to making the most of your skills, there are many ways to earn some extra cash, while at the same time de-cluttering and even making money at the comfort of your own home.

  • Start using a credit card

Using cashback credit cards means you receive a portion of what you spend whenever you use them, and it is as simple as setting up a direct debit to the card each month. This means no interest to pay, and you can earn hundreds a year when you use the card for all your day to day expenses.

  • Research savings rates and choose the best for you

Make sure you do your research if you are thinking of setting up a savings account. Most of the information you need to make an informed decision to choose the best deal for you may be available online, but you can always visit your local bank branch and talk through your options with someone. Choose the savings account that offers you the highest interest rate; this can make the difference in the long run.

  • De-clutter and sell your stuff

If you find yourself looking around your house or flat and see a lot of things that you no longer need or use and need a bit of extra cash, sites like Amazon or eBay may be the best place for you to sell these and make some space.

Make sure to read through the website’s regulations and etiquette before starting an account. But once this is all completed, it is as simple as creating an account and adding the items you wish to sell.

There are other places where you can sell secondhand items, and as Inc suggests, make sure you do your research and look up the best place you can make a profit from. This includes items such as old CDs, books, DVDs, computer games and occasionally, even laptops, phones, and game consoles. You can even send a message of inquiry to these websites asking for a quote before committing and before you know it, you will have removed unused items and have made some extra cash on the side.

  • Try your luck at online games

Some websites allow you to try out online games and earn money the more you play. The system is similar to filling out online surveys and earning cash the more surveys you fill. Other games include online casino games such as the ones on Unibet and even betting on areas such as sports. And you can do all of these at the comfort of your own home, and they are a great pastime when played responsibly!

  • Become a mystery shopper

This may sound a little strange, but high-street retailers occasionally hire mystery shoppers from agencies to gain feedback on their customer service and rate their quality. If you are interested, look up possible mystery shopping agencies who can help you try out this fun way of testing out places while earning money on the side.

These are only a few of the ways you can earn some extra cash and is certainly not an extensive list of possibilities. Forbes suggests further ways to make some extra cash. Other avenues for income may include taking up freelance gigs, starting your own online store and selling your handcrafted wares. Whatever area you may choose, it is always best to do some research in order to make the most of your venture.

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