Some, Perhaps Too Many Republicans, Need Backbones


November 8, 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

While running an errand this afternoon, my car radio picked up Rush Limbaugh’s program and he hit an important point that struck a real chord with me and, I believe, may resonate with you as well.

He pointed out that the Republicans lost the House and we once again have Madam Speaker Pelosi because a record number of secure Republican seats were thrown open to serious contest due to the retirements of the incumbent Republicans.  Rush surmises that those retirees likely felt that President Trump’s personality and demeanor were beneath them and their imagined standards of decorum.  In short, they felt themselves – and the party to which they aligned – were too good to be associated with Trump and that they likely also felt that Trump would fail and thus, they would have also gone down to defeat.

Perfection is not possible in any human.  We all make mistakes and have our warts.  But what saves us is the fact that despite our foibles, we also often get it right and accomplish good things.  In Trump’s case, look at the economy and the markets.  Look at our foreign policy and trade successes over the past two years.  Look at the rebirth of  worldwide respect for America’s might and military prowess.  So much of what he has done is on the right track – the MAGA track–  if you will, but much of the Republican establishment still either rejects, or at best, partially and grudgingly, accepts Trump as their president – as America’s president.

Thinking back, the reason why Trump got tied up with some no-things and real losers in putting together his campaign is that the Republican establishment withheld the party’s experts who would normally provide advice on foreign affairs, on how to move around the Washington bureaucracies, and how to organize the nomination and election process.  In the absence of such expertise, Trump ended with a swamp-dwelling Paul Manafort and an airhead like young Papadopoulos, both of whom were ripe targets for the never-ending ‘collusion’ accusations and subsequent investigations. Others, such as true RINO ‘conservatives’ like Bill Kristol and so many others, still cannot accept Trump’s success.

We all wish he’d not tweet all the time, or at least do so with more eloquence and that he’d widen his list of descriptors.  But, none can deny Trump’s genuine successes and the fact his ‘true north’ represents what is best for America and for all Americans regardless of race, or gender, or political persuasion.

Maybe I’m not really a Republican?  I never considered myself one until I was in ‘Nam, and the Democrats at home were embracing ever-more-violent anti-war activism and flag-burning, and then they nominated George McGovern for president.  I began voting Republican right then, and never looked back.  And I was later rewarded with the ultimate triumph of Ronald Reagan, a roaring economy, and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact and what had been the seeming ‘forward march’ of communism.

But, now I wonder what the Republican Party stands for if it won’t support a president who carries its banner, if not its total imprimatur. I’d much, much rather that we get our act together and fully support winning for a change.  Any thoughts?

Old Frank

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