Trump: “Such a Hostile Media”


by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 7, 2018) — During a presser Wednesday afternoon responsive to Tuesday night’s midterm elections, President Trump verbally disciplined CNN reporter Jim Acosta, NBC News’s Peter Alexander, and a Fox News Radio reporter who continued to ask him questions after he attempted to move on to the next journalist.

Acosta was argumentative while repeatedly demanding that Trump answer additional questions.  In response, Trump told Acosta that he is a “bad person” based on his conduct then and with his press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, during standard White House press briefings.

At least one other reporter who was not shown on camera evidently stood up at certain when Trump had not agreed to take her questions.  In response, Trump told her to “Sit down.”

“Such a hostile media,” Trump commented after cutting off the Fox News Radio journalist.

The UK Independent reported that Trump “attacked” Acosta, describing Trump as “angry.”  When not sparring with reporters, however, he spoke in normal tones.

The full presser is available on C-Span, although the camera does not stray from Trump to show the reporters asking the questions.

Video of the exchange with Acosta on camera trended on Twitter as the presser continued.


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