DEMS Will Continue Their Trump Attacks and They Will Fail


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2018

(Nov. 7, 2018) — Though a few races are still counting, it seems the verdict is mostly in, DEMS win the HOUSE and the GOP picked up even more seats in the SENATE.  There were tight races all over.  GOP won some and lost some but conservatives won several key races.  Though they were competitive and expensive political bloodbaths of suspense, R – Ted Cruz finally beat Beto O’Rourke in TEXAS, R – Cathy McMorris Rogers finally surged ahead to victory in WASHINGTON (my state), and Ron DeSantis prevailed against leftist darling Andrew Gillum in Florida.

So, where are we now and what must President Trump and the GOP do to continue this American-success agenda?  Trump knows he will face more waste-of time-accusations, fake news, and distractions that only feed the needy and manipulative egos of the left, thinking that now they will get revenge.

They will get nothing but continue the ego tantrums that expose themselves as losers who only hate Trump and freedom for all.  Trump and the GOP in the HOUSE and SENATE must continue to do what is right, pro-America and fight even harder for border security.  They must keep our lower taxes, renovate the health care debacle into something fair, doable and serving all.  Trump must continue to pray and seek the Lord for His guidance and help while continuing to surround himself with people of faith, integrity and courage who take the heat and really get stuff done.

The Democrats won some elections but their “Trump ruin” fantasies will be crushed and contained with an even stronger GOP-controlled SENATE and a focused and courageous President who will stand and face evil DEMS and fake news all day long.

Trump must continue to be courageous and driven to keep with his agenda while pointing out, in his fierce and blunt Twitter style, the DEMS’ false accusations and coming ego-missteps.  Let their unethical and lying behavior build an alternative media swell with the masses against them.  Make their uphill fantasy of revenge and power dreams so uphill they can barely hold the weight of their body against the “rock to nowhere.”

The battle will continue and be even more colorful for a time, but Trump was and is the winner on every level with most of the American people in his pocket who know that finally someone is in office who is representing them, not their political career.

DEMS can continue to dream of TRUMP’S demise while most Americans will continue to experience his greatness, service and success.  Hate and vengeance never win, but love, right priorities and courage will.  Go, Trump.

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