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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2018

Photo credit: Myriams-Fotos at Pixabay, Creative Commons license

(Oct. 28, 2018) — Our nation reels and grieves over the worst anti-Semitic attack in our country’s history.  Eleven Jewish worshipers were ruthlessly mowed down and others injured in a synagogue in Pittsburgh.  The shooter screamed as he ran in and started shooting, “Jews must die.”  Authorities thankfully apprehended him after a fire fight and attempted escape.

So far, they have discovered massive amounts of vile Jew-hating statements online and evidence that he hated Trump, who by the way has three Jewish grandkids and a Jewish daughter.  This shooting horror show has ignited a national conversation about Jew hatred, speech and security issues.  What should be pointed out and said with all our media tough talk?

First of all, those who have jumped on the wagon of anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish talk heralding the BDS movement must be exposed for who they really are instead of what they try and trick people into believing so they can get elected or remain in power.  The BDS movement acts like they are supporting freedom, justice and equality, if you read the top of their lying website.   They strike up fever pitches of Jewish and Israel hate on college campuses across the country urging America to divest from Israel and pull all funding and support.  They falsely accuse Israel as  being apartheid, a Nazi-like tyrant which persecutes and violates Palestine in every way.  As usual, the leftist Democrats and their leadership have positioned themselves in support of this anti-Semitic movement which incites people to way more than ‘pull the funds away.’  We just saw this played out in Pittsburgh.

The big-mouths on the Democrat left who are also anti-Semitic and Jew-haters include Louis Farrakhan, who has a long history of slamming, racist speech against the Jews, yet Democrat hopefuls and leaders have flocked to him and supported him. This includes former President Obama, Hillary and droves of anti-Jewish, elected representatives and senators now serving.

Just what are these politicians serving as they support BDS and racist Farrakhan?  It is clear for even the brain-injured and low-IQ person that it is nothing but racism and anti-Semitism.   At least seven elected politicians have been vocal enough that the Republican Jewish Coalition has called for their resignations because of their ties to Farrakhan.

Another Jew-hater running for Democrat office and growing star of the Democrat Party is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She is running for Congress in New York’s 14th District and is associated with the movement against Israel and aligned with Louis Farrakhan and other radicals.

The former messiahs of the Democrats, Hillary and Bill Clinton, have also played the word game on Israel but in truth, stood with Farrakhan, even sharing the stage with him.  I call Jew-hater yet again.

The airwaves are exploding with all kinds of TV show hosts and guests trying to make sense out of the Pittsburgh synagogue mass murder.  Too many leftists and politicians attempt to ‘unpaint’ their anti-Semitic canvas and repaint it quickly on TV so they won’t ruin their political careers.  Instead, I predict they will be revealed for who they really are, Jew-haters and those aligned with groups, movements and people who support lack of support for our Israel, assaults on Jews and acting out in the most NAZI-like ways.

Remember as you vote this MIDTERM, it is the DEMOCRATS who always stand for pulling all funds from our faithful friend Israel and stand with anti-Semitic people, candidates, rhetoric and sadly, more.  Do not let them repaint their canvas this time.  Fire them, oust them and for God’s sake do not elect them.

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  1. Your article is definitely on point. One of the most twisted narratives I observed was ABC News on Sunday morning GMA using the hatred of Jews to say… that this anti-semitism we witnessed is also being used against George Soros.
    They actually painted George Soros in the most favorable light they could and then blamed our disgust and disdain for him on his being Jewish!
    NOT for the evil things he has done against Jews, against suffering poor nations, and our nation. The “lame stream” news media is twisted and evil; working (colluding), like George Soros, for the overthrow of our constitutional republic.
    I keep watching these liars (aka haters) in the attempt to stay informed of the false narrative(s). They never disappoint.
    Thank God for people like you Dr. Roth and Sharon Rondeau for providing that light of truth in a world of darkness.