by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2018

(Oct. 25, 2018) — On October 24th the nation has heard that pipe bombs were sent to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, CNN, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder and others, all Democrats.   None of them exploded and allegedly all were found and no one was hurt.  I find that most interesting, considering the passion peppered throughout this midterm election cycle and violence and assaults recorded on all sides.  Hark!  But then I lie.  There are no threats or violent assaults recorded on the Republican side at all, only threats, assaults, destruction of property and vile behavior on the DEMOCRAT side.

Not that tons of Republicans aren’t frustrated and even furious with the left for all the threats and assaults against Trump supporters and those running for office, but 99% of the time conservatives don’t turn their indignation and anger into acting out crime as the left does.

All we have to do is close our eyes and reflect on Eric Holder saying …”When they go low, we kick ’em.” Hillary saying we can’t be civil with them, Maxine Waters calling people to form groups/mobs and kick conservatives out of restaurants, gas stations and other public places and make sure you scream, “You are not wanted here or anywhere.”  Right now, as I write this, the ‘acting out’ and vengeful DEMOCRATS are making sure assaults and destruction occur all over.  Just ask Portland and Seattle.  Liberal mobs are threatening and destroying all they can.

Here we are at the end of October now and many have speculated as to what the famous October surprise will be as the midterms nearly arrive.  Well, in my book it appears vividly that two bigger-than-life October surprises have been launched by the manipulative and desperate DEMS.  Since the facts and history show that it is the DEMS that continuously assault, threaten and break the law, worshiping at the ground of fake news,  it is highly suspicious that pipe bombs were sent everywhere, all to liberals, that didn’t explode, right before this critical election. Hmmm.

It has already been exposed that the growing caravan of illegal immigrants now in Mexico and on their way to America are full of paid DEMOCRATS,  criminal gang members, Middle Easterners and mostly young men and a few families.  Hmmm again.

This doesn’t sound at all like an angry conservative rogue person sending these around.  I’m angry at every one of these people who allegedly received a pipe bomb but I wouldn’t dream of making or sending one to anyone.  However, a desperate DEMOCRAT, trying to frame a conservative or make the country believe the DEMOCRATS were poor victims at the criminal and racist hands of a crazy conservative, would plan something this extreme.  It is right from the Saul Alinsky playbook that so many of the DEMOCRAT leadership worship and have studied.

Don’t you think it is a bit curious that none of these many pipe bombs blew up and no one was hurt?  Yet, so far, every time the DEMS have assaulted GOP politicians running for office or appeared in a mob somewhere, people get hurt and property gets destroyed.  If it was a deranged rogue conservative who did this, he wasn’t very smart in following through and making a big impact.  DEMS always follow through and make vile impacts.

If my gut is right and I think I am, the DEMS are believing that this fake news pretend assault against poor liberals and the caravan of paid DEMS, terrorists and mostly young men will trick American voters, scare them and manipulate them either into staying home or voting DEMOCRAT.

I just have one little question for the DEMS and the mainstream media.  How did fake news, lies, threats, manipulations, lying polls and false accusations work for you and Hillary when she ran against Trump?  Trump supporters stayed with Trump two years ago; growing amounts of voters will stay with him and the GOP now during the midterms.

Do not be surprised by the endless scandals and variety of DEM October surprises hitting us upside the head.  It is the desperate plan of the left to win.  We all like surprises these days and most Americans, GOP, Independents, women, growing minorities and horrified DEMOCRATS have a blue-colored surprise of our own in November.  Surprise!

 Keep your eye on the ball and do not get seduced by the endless setups in the media for the GOP and TRUMP.

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  1. Bombs that don’t explode,sent to only Democrats. Could it be that a fellow Democrat is responsible. What better way to blame it on Republicans without hurting one’s FELLOW democrats. Very suspicious. The “bomber”, it has been reported, sent bombs that he never intended to go off. NO blasting caps.