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According to Wikipedia, the M1 Abrams tank is “well armed and heavily armored.”

(Oct. 22, 2018) — “Fields of Gold” (3:38)

“Hey, what you doing here? Oh, I know, it’s not real, or I think it’s not real. It’s not real, so I keep on telling myself. But you’re still here so I might as well accept it, even though there’s been a terrible mistake somewhere down the line. You know what that means? It means that the whole system is flawed.

“So how does that help me? I’ll tell you how: it doesn’t. I’m not going to tell you how I got here; it’s not germane to what I’ve got to say. I’m here, okay? The plane landed and then it crashed: a real crash landing: land the plane and then crash it. So, okay, at least our pilot has an excuse: he got killed: shot by multiple rounds and some of us got wounded.

“I didn’t get hit; some did, but not me. So I’m sitting on the ground, behind a rock. I love what I think of my rock. I’ll share my rock because I love it and it looks like I’ll be dying for my rock. Bullets are hitting my rock, which is really starting to get me ticked-off, royally. How dare anyone hurt my rock? And because I think my feelings towards my rock are reciprocal, I’m sure this beautiful rock loves me. Excuse me while I take a break.”

Reflections of My Life” (4:17)

“We’re shooting back, of course, but we don’t see anything except foliage: you know, trees and such, but no people. They see us, because the guy who I was just talking to took one in the head. I think we were talking about girls or our driver license test. I took mine in a VW Bug, he in his dad’s Chevy. I never did learn the year or if his was a stick or an automatic. I’ll never find out, and as soon as I realized he was finished talking – that our conversation was over – I took it to mean that I’ll go through the rest of my days without some very important information. At least it seemed so at the time; and with the passage of time I don’t think it’s as important as I once thought it was. I used to think I was acquiring wisdom, but I recently realized that I don’t think I ever really cared that much about a lot of worthless baggage.

Photo credit:  Mike Pellini at Shutterstock

“That was a guy memory, which I don’t care about that much. Girl memories are a different animal. So after the guy next to me bought the farm, I realized that I could’ve been married and even been a father by now. I could have loved and been loved in return. Oh, I love now, don’t get me wrong — I really love my rock – and, I don’t know the whole story, but I’m beginning to think that GOD went to one heck of a lot of trouble giving me my rock to hide behind; now what do you think of that?

“No, I’m not crazy. People say and think the darndest things when they’re being shot at, at least that’s my opinion. If you disagree, go ahead, but I’m the one getting shot at, not you. And that’s what I wanted to talk to you about: you’re just sitting there, reading this, not getting shot at. You see, we have a different perspective. You don’t have to think about it, but I do.

“Now listen up: I never even seen these people who are shooting at me and hitting the rock that God gave me. See what I mean? This is what combat feels like in your brain: a new reality. I’m not going to get hyped about football or baseball scores anymore, but if I feel threatened, if I feel like I’m in danger, if anyone makes the mistake of putting me on the defensive, I’ll lash out in spades.

“I’ll respond to their menacing threats with an unbelievable response that’ll hit them before they even recognize the threat. It’ll be like them throwing a rock at me and I’ll respond by sending a B-52 that’ll carpet bomb and then a Warthog with napalm and, when that’s all said and done, I’ll come in riding a US ARMY ABRAMS MAIN BATTLE TANK. They best leave my rock and me alone.

“Fair warning.

“So here’s the point: maybe I’ll wear my MAGA hat as bait.”

Rhythm of My Heart” (4:18)


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