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(Oct. 19, 2018) — Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Watching clips of the “caravan” from Central America that is soon to arrive at our southern border reminded me of an earlier post concerning our most cherished.

A couple of decades ago it was widely reported that serious childhood afflictions were wiped out of the USA.  Preschoolers got vaccinations and series of shots to eradicate the threat of smallpox, polio, measles, whooping cough, TB and lots more.  Suddenly we are learning, to our collective dismay, that those old afflictions have resurfaced.

In earlier times, when immigration was funneled through Ellis Island, every entrant received a health check and those with infectious conditions were confined until they were cured, or they were returned to their country of origin.  Everybody was OK with that.  It was fair and efficient.  (See the Elia Kazan masterpiece “America, America” which shows this process at work.)

Of course, you won’t be reminded of any of this or see the likely connection between “open borders” nonsense and the return of these childhood scourges in any news media.  You’re not supposed to know because it might conflict with the accepted and preferred narrative.  The media no longer inform – they indoctrinate.

It is NOT cold-hearted to have secure borders and health and other standards for entry into our nation.  What happens when all the poor, “undocumented, unvaccinated kids” are allowed entry and end up in your kids’ or grandkids’ elementary school classes?  Do I hear a “Dah?”

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