by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 18, 2018) — According to an informal review of our daily statistics, a record number of government agencies have accessed The Post & Email’s articles today.

Readers include the FBI, the U.S. Justice Department, U.S. Courts, two state governments, and a town government department.

An entry for “US Courts” indicates that the employee was reading a 2009 article about U.S. District Court Judge Jerome B. Simandle of the District of New Jersey, who was at the time presiding over the case of Kerchner v. Obama & Congress, et al, filed by Atty. Mario Apuzzo on behalf of CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret) and two other plaintiffs challenging Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

The article provides a history of Simandle’s education and legal and judicial experience, as Simandle had not yet ruled on the merits of the case.

Doubts as to Obama’s eligibility arose in 2007 after he announced his candidacy amid credible, mainstream reports that he was born in Kenya or Indonesia rather than Hawaii, as he has claimed for a number of years.

A “short-form” birth certificate image purportedly issued by the State of Hawaii published in 2008 was never confirmed by the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) to be authentic, and a “long-form” birth certificate released three years later was found by a lengthy criminal investigation to be a “computer-generated forgery.”

Two forensic analysts supported that claim as stated at a press conference in December 2016.

An employee at the U.S. Justice Department was reading an article we wrote approximately three weeks after the release of the long-form image highlighting a claim made by Dr. Jerome Corsi, previously of WND, that Obama was “born in Kenya.”

The Daily Caller had interviewed Corsi the day before and quoted him as having told them, “I was called by my insiders, several of my informants in Hawaii about three weeks before it was released, and I was told the document had been forged and put into the log book and that we would be seeing it shortly and had it described to me in detail what had been forged. I knew what was on that document before it was made public.”

Neither Justice, Congress nor the FBI has investigated the findings of then-Sheriff Joseph Arpaio’s “Cold Case Posse” that Obama’s only publicly-proffered documentation is fraudulent, including his Selective Service registration form.  The probe, which spanned more than five years, acted upon investigative leads provided by Corsi.

The FBI accessed an article we wrote in July which reported, based on public reports, that former FBI Counsel Lisa Page provided private testimony to members of Congress for a period of four hours concerning the Bureau’s involvement in the Hillary Clinton private email server investigation and the counterintelligence operation into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The FBI visitor arrived at The Post & Email from “,” a website which states that it provides “independent and unbiased search results with no user tracking.”

The Monroe County, TN Finance Department, a returning reader, accessed an article about missionary George Raudenbush, who was imprisoned in 2011 by a Monroe County jury after being denied an attorney by then-Judge Carroll Lee Ross of Tennessee’s Tenth Judicial District.  Freed on appeal, Raudenbush was retried, convicted on all charges a second time, but sentenced to no additional prison time by Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood.

Raudenbush currently has pending actions against the State of Tennessee.

The States of Utah and North Carolina also visited on Thursday.

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  1. CDR Kerchner, I am thankful for all your efforts. Thanks for leading the way. From you I have learned much. While it has been several years that Obama’s scam has occurred, I as you have not stopped fighting the issue that he usurped the office as president. While the deep state is embedded, their may come a day when this issue comes to light and a great debt is collected.

    I like you swore an oath upon enlisting in the Marines. Moreover, upon fulfilling my enlistment
    I haven’t abandoned that oath to defend our country or the Constitution. Therefore, I am in it
    for the long haul. I sleep well at night, but I sense Obama and his hoods can’t because of
    the “sunlight” or your efforts and many others. For me, a huge shift occurred when Trump
    became president. Should or when Trump pulls the grenade pin, it won’t be pretty for Team
    Obama… In the mean time, we need to continue to stay in the battle.

  2. I’m not surprised that at the same time, I’m getting a lot of investigative attentions about other past things I’ve submitted. Guess it must finally be time. Just to refresh my issue here, Obama’s documentation was GHWB’s CIA generated in order to count-run he and the Clintons and then pull a “Sting” on Red China. All that they have put into place is now NULL AND VOID. And it’s as simple as a DNA test. The CIA’s long had Obama’s. Check out the post comments I’ve made on this site. My blogspot is also getting querys from “Undefined Areas,” i.e. government computers.

  3. I forgot to mention that it is likely someone in the U.S. government is reading the article from 2009 about Simandle as part of continuing vetting of him since he is on the list of SCOTUS prospects prepared for and at the request of Donald Trump. Before Kavanaugh was selected I tweeted to President Trump my experience in the court system with Judge Simandle and told him I did not believe that Simandle is a true, solid, and reliable conservative a pick as he had pretended to be in his later life in the court system. Imo, if Simandle ever gets on the U.S. Supreme Court he’ll turn into another Justice Sutter on key cases. Again, all JMHO.

  4. A nice flash back in history. I remember those times well. When the lawsuit against Obama & Congress et al was first filed very early in the a.m. on 20 Jan 2009, Inauguration Day and before Obama was sworn in, Attorney Apuzzo received an immediate acknowledgment of the filing and an electronic receipt for the filing fee and the case was assigned by the automated system a docket number and assigned to a judge in Newark NJ. Then much to our surprise later that day in the afternoon the case docket number for our case and judge was re-assigned to another case and our case was issued a new docket number and was re-assigned to Judge Simandle in Trenton NJ. Atty Apuzzo could never get anyone to explain how this happened. But he has the documentary evidence that it did. He even mentioned it in subsequent filings for the case to document that we filed the case before Obama was sworn in and not after. I have always suspected that the case re-docketed and was transferred to Simandle because the “system” operatives wanted to make it look like we filed after Obama took the Oath of Office and also they knew Simandle was in addition to be being a Nader’s Raider that he also was a closet “SDS’er” from his Princeton days (he delivered a eulogy for one of the SDS chapter’s advisors when said professor died) and even though he now was part of the “establishment” and even was appointed by a Republican President to the federal bench, he would still try to help protect Obama and kill the case using legal technicalities available to judges, which he did by ruling the plaintiffs did not have standing. Saul Alinsky told all the SDS’ers to stop taking to the streets to achieve social justice and instead to finish their academic studies and infiltrate all the institutions of power in the nation and in 40-50 years many would rise to the top and the reins of power and gain control from within the government and at that point they could do more to promote the socialist agenda that way. Imo, Simandle was an SDS’er at Princeton and did exactly what Alinsky recommended. He became part of the establishment and the network of former SDS’ers that are now situated in every nook and cranny of our government, institutions, academia, Congress, and media. Their social-justice ideology is still there but for many of them they don’t openly show it. But they still will act to help the network when called upon by the network when needed … such as needing to kill a lawsuit in order to allow the subversion of the true originalist meaning and understanding of the presidential eligibility term “natural born Citizen” in Article II of our U.S. Constitution. They all worked together in the Congress, the Courts, big Social Media, and the Main-Stream Media to suppress the truth and allow a usurper to take office for 8 years. And the negative results of that are being uncovered weekly as we learn more and more about the corruption of all our branches of government under Obama, the IRS, FBI, State Dept, and more. Our constitutional republic was stopped from going over a cliff with the election of Donald Trump. Hillary as another follower and student of the Alinsky ways would have taken this country to the point of no return. All JMHO.