by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2018

(Oct. 17, 2018) — We will win the House and the Senate and keep the Trump freedom ball rolling in the right direction if we all ignore the false narratives screeching from the sold-out media and left. Ignore the faulty and leftist polls and simply vote.  Though we haven’t won just yet, the pollsters all got it wrong up to the very last day when Trump was running against Hillary.

Do not stay home, especially this time. The Democrats are lying, prone to violence and desperate in every way because I believe they know that there is no Blue Wave.  They can only try and convince us that there is one so we will be discouraged or afraid to go vote.

The Democrats’ sold-out magic act is playing to a nearly empty house.  Their huge ego and addiction to power can’t take it so they lie, deceive and preach that the world is coming to an end under Trump and GOP contenders.

At least the DEMS have Senator Elizabeth Warren potentially running for President.  Trump may just be in trouble since she has just released DNA evidence showing her Cherokee Indian ancestry.  I believe you can see it if you look through a high-powered Neutron microscope, though the Cherokee Tribe have disowned her, saying she is not one of them.  DEMS shouldn’t lose hope, though perhaps they should just get a bigger microscope.

You cannot blame them, really.  They have zero to run on but lies and desperation.  Apparently, the other boring DEM ploy is to say you are a victim or a minority of some kind.  Senator Ted Cruz is battling Beto O’Rourke in Texas for the Senate seat. Beto has changed his name to sound (in his view) more Hispanic, saying he is Hispanic, which evidence shows he is not.   I guess if you are a Democrat, you are white and run for office you should be shamed somehow.

Your vote counts more than you think since there will be millions of illegal votes, votes from dead people sent in and people magically voting several times.  We all know that mega and organized voter fraud occurs every time there is a national election.  This one will have even more fraud since the DEMS are so horrified at Trump and deplorable Trump voters having so much power and freedom.

The career-crushing lies and assaults from growing numbers of the DEMOCRATS only reveal just how well the HOUSE and SENATE may do this midterm election.  Remember that history-making success relies on you voting.  Do not listen to or believe any polls or the DEMS.  Just vote and win.

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