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(Oct. 12, 2018) — Ryan Bundy is a farmer, rancher, and entrepreneur. He’s a 3rd generation Nevadan and a Battle Born Constitutionalist. At the young age of seven years Ryan miraculously survived an accident in which a vehicle ran over his head. This accident left Ryan with permanent nerve damage on one side of his face causing what he now causally refers to as his “crooked face.”

As a child Ryan learned how to deal with all of the normal difficulties of growing up; but, his asymmetrical features forced him to learn even more than the average child had to learn. Young Ryan learned early how to stand tall, proud and strong because he appeared different than his peers. He learned not only how to defend himself and his rights as a young boy; but he also learned to be patient and kind to those who would tease him for his outward differences.

In 1996 Ryan met Angela Huntington and he was soon very determined to make her his wife. Two years later, on November 20, 1998 Ryan married the only woman in the world who could ever knock the spurs off his boots and leave him breathless. Ryan and Angela went on to create eight little angels that completed their beautiful family and life. Even after twenty years of having Angela faithfully by his side, and under his wing, Ryan still thanks God every day for giving him the only woman he has ever dreamed of as his forever bride.

Around 1993 Ryan’s father, Cliven Bundy, would find his family in a similar situation as the victorious young Ryan. The Bundy family was being bullied and pushed around by none other than greedy government. Ryan then found himself, drawing on the difficult experiences of his childhood combined with the strong character that his parents instilled in him, fighting all over again; but, this time it was a much more formidable foe and one that seemed unbeatable. This fight went on for twenty-five years before coming to a head in 2014 where the federal government slaughtered the Bundy’s pregnant cows, cows with newborn calves and prize bulls. Many of the calves would suffer, even later die, from the torture caused by the federal government’s helicopters and the bullets fired upon them. All of this played itself out on local and national media, much of what was being told to the inquisitive viewers were deliberate lies to deter more people coming to stand with the Bundy Family. Ryan, Cliven Bundy’s first born son, would play a key role, in what would later be called “The Bunkerville Standoff,” along with his brother, Ammon, and many other family members. You can watch most of what happened at Bunkerville in the video below.

In 2016 Ryan would again be in the local and national news; and, again the viewers were lied to about what was really going on. The Hammond family, of Oregon, was the victim of the same greedy and abusive government that the Bundy’s were fighting off. But the Hammond’s story was a heartbreaking story and the Bundy’s were compelled to come to their aid. The Bundy’s attempt to bring national attention to the plight of the Hammonds turned out, for the Bundys, to be the fight of and for their lives. The federal government was willing and determined to kill them all but they only succeeded in murdering the beloved Robert LaVoy Finnicum. To this day Ryan bears in his arm one of the bullets that were meant to kill him and others. While the story of the Bundy’s coming to help bring attention to the Hammond family’s situation has many sad twists and turns it also has many victories as well. The most important victory is that the people of The United States of America did learn about the Hammonds; and, the people cared more than the federal government ever thought they would. The people demanded a presidential pardon for the Hammonds. In July of 2018 the people’s President, Donald Trump, pardoned the Hammonds. You can watch most of what happened at “Malheur Refuge Takeover” in the video below.

If elected as Nevada Governor, Ryan will stand for you and fight for your rights if you find yourself violated by oppressive and abusive government. How do I know this? Because having been the victim AND the victor, Ryan knows how to take on bullies and beat them; and, he has already proven that he will fight for a stranger when they are in need. Ryan will defend your rights when you elect him as your next governor. For a more detailed story about the Bundy family please watch the professional video below, The Bundy Story, narrated by Ryan’s brother, Ammon Bundy.

Thank you for voting for Ryan Bundy on November 6, 2018.


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