It’s The Declassification, Stupid


by Fredy Lowe, Canada Free Press, ©2018

(Sep. 26, 2018) — Grotesque! There are but a few words that could adequately describe the current state of the Demonic Democrats, as we witness an entire political party unraveling into a full-panic-mode. In case you think they cannot go any lower, just wait until we see what happens over the next few days, weeks, right up until the midterm elections. We are now in an extremely unpredictable and dangerous period of time in America.

There are five major issues contributing to the unpredictability as much of it is spinning out of control. You must keep in mind that these people who are in this panic mode have immense power, unlimited funds, and sadly we may come to realize just how truly demonic and desperate they are. If there is any chance of preserving our Constitutional Republic, we must first get through the midterms without a catastrophic event taking place:

  1. The Kavanaugh confirmation (Now!)
  2. The Resignation of RR (Not fired)
  3. The October 3rd Emergency Broadcast Test (Why? Why now? Are you prepared?)
  4. The Declassification of the FISA documents (When the SRHTF! R = Really!)
  5. The Midterm Elections (If we get that far…)


Rush Limbaugh has recently said that if the GOP does not confirm Kavanaugh prior to the midterm elections, they will lose the House and the Senate.  And, although I wholeheartedly agree with Rush, I also believe that the Demonic Dems have jumped the shark with their phony sexual assault charges that few believe any more, but also that more than just a few members of the Republican Party Elite (GOPe) are part of the criminal NeverTrump cabal, and do not want Kavanaugh to be confirmed.

The GOPe wants nothing more than to lose the midterm elections and begin the impeachment process to remove Trump for their own self-protection. The arrogance of these blind-elite-politicians is that they actually believe this will give them the opportunity to go back to business as usual. It won’t! And, you can take that to the bank.

She never planned to testify. The entire fiasco was set in motion to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The ball is now in Grassley and McConnell’s court, and that ball is as unstable as nitroglycerin. Choose wisely, Gentlemen.  Schedule a vote to confirm Kavanaugh ASAP. We will make note of whose hand is not raised and cut it off, hypothetically speaking.

As I have written before, this is not merely a battle between President Trump and Congress, it’s a full scale war between the US Congress and the American People. We must all vote for Republicans only, RINOs and all. That is, if we get that far. And, we all must believe that this has now become a matter of life or death for our country, where staying home is a vote for death and the Demonic Dems.


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (DAG—RR) met with President Trump last week to plead with him not to declassify and release the documents, or at least delay the release, knowing how the documents would implicate him in the ongoing soft coup. The President agreed knowing he would no longer need to fire Rosenstein but would now have leverage over him to resign and by extension leverage also over Special Counsel Mueller, wherein the President will eventually be able to shut down his faux Russian collusion ‘witch hunt’. Just like getting two birds with one stone.

But, know for sure that on Thursday, September 27th it’s finally goodbye and good riddance to DAG-RR. Amen.

Emergency Broadcast Test

On December 21, 2017 President Trump quietly signed an Executive Order (EO) to declare a national Emergency followed by September as the National Preparedness Month.

On October 3rd the President has scheduled an Emergency Broadcast test which is set to display on all hardwired and mobile communication devices.

Just in case you still need to ask yourselves why now? Then know that there are rumors running about saying that POTUS will not wait for the declassified documents to be released in order to begin making arrests from the thousands of sealed indictments. (See below…)

Are you prepared?

Why not?


As most of you know, the twenty or so pages of soon-to-be-declassified documents contain all the names and their subversive deeds for all the world to see. President Donald J. Trump is a master chess player,  and know that early last week he told the FBI/DOJ to immediately release pages 9-12 of the Carter Page FISA warrant (preserving the other highly confidential pages) plus a certain number of unredacted (completely visible) text messages between Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr.

Since meeting with DAG Rosenstein, President Trump agreed to have IG Horowitz review the requested docs and make a ‘timely’ decision on declassifying and releasing them. (The term timely to mean prior to the midterms election on November 6th.) The President again kept a ‘trump card’ which will allow him to declassify and release himself, if IG Horowitz does not respond in a timely manner, or if the Trump-card-holder doesn’t agree with the IG’s findings. Check-Mate!

Once the declassified docs are made public it will be the most exciting October Surprise – ever! There will be a massive amount of arrests from the nearly 50,000 sealed indictments which will begin with former FBI Director James Comey, former CIA Director John Brennan and many, many other BIGLY names.

These seemingly harmless 20 or so pages of documents will create a worldwide seismic event not seen since a nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan on August 9, 1945*, when the next Emergency Broadcast we receive will not be a test.

As stated above, members of this cabal are some of the most powerful, richest and evil-minded people in the world. There is nothing they will not do to relinquish their power, to stop the truth from being revealed, up to and including detonating an EMP over a large metropolitan area. Hopefully, the US Military has taken this into account and is prepared to deter/prevent such a devastating attack, but just to be safe you might consider getting prepared, ah, even as we near the close of National Preparedness Month.

* We have corrected this statement from an earlier post.

Midterm Elections

As mentioned above, The Demonic Dems have jumped the shark with few ‘normal American citizens’ believing them anymore. The #walkaway movement has become a massive #runaway, and there is now zero chance for a blue wave to take the House or the Senate. This midterm election will be a landslide for President Donald Trump and his MAGA agenda.

But, first we have to get to the midterm elections.

The reset of law and order is at hand. Think Safe. Trust the Plan. Be Prepared. Pray for our President. Pray for our country.

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  1. Jigsaw St. John   Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 2:08 AM

    “As most of you know, the twenty or so pages of soon-to-be-declassified documents contain all the names and their subversive deeds for all the world to see. President Donald J. Trump is a master chess player“

    In court papers the DOJ says they were never given an ordered to declassify the Carter Paige FISA warrant pages. Also say the to date Attorney General Barr has not begun a review of classed documents.

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