World War II Veteran Calls Out Trump


by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, USA, Col. (Ret), ©2018

(Sep. 21, 2018) — Mr. President, what happened to YOUR backbone? Do you really expect We the People to support you for another term when you have, thus far, reneged on your big talk to appoint a special prosecutor to dig into all the crimes committed by Hillary Clinton? Or was this simply a public display of political hogwash to get our vote? If you were in fact serious, then DO IT! We voted for you not because of your hair, your wealth, your lovely family or your notoriety or TV persona. We made a contract with you and not with a political crime syndicate!

We voted for you because you were expected to CLEAN UP THE SWAMP! The filthy scum inhabiting this SWAMP have been sucking the life’s blood out of America for decades. They have been identified by numerous eponyms, such as Democrats, Republicans, RINOS, leeches, thieves, Servants of the People, Representative, Senator, and all manner of titles approaching nobility.

You were the ONLY presidential contender with a viable plan to bring the long series of incompetent, greedy, lying Congresses into line and get many needed items passed into law. This nation was not founded to be the personal tool of one powerful intellect or worse, one criminal political party.

You have done some great things: jobs are plentiful, unemployment is down, minority employment and the stock market are up, illegal immigration is being brought under control. HOWEVER, the media is still in the pockets of the left-tilted Socialist Democratic Party and its greedy power-hungry criminals. Far too many Americans listen to and possibly even believe the lies of Joe Scarborough, the Cuomos (all three), the talking heads of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC AND THE LYING PAPER PRINTED NONSENSE FROM THE NYT AND THEIR SWAMP COUNTERPARTS.

AND since 1974, EVERY Congress has been aware that the requisite two-thirds of the states have made an appropriate request for the Congress to call an Article V Convention of States. Though two members of Congress did in fact propose legislation for the Congress to call a COS, the introduced legislation was simply referred to the House Judiciary where it was permitted to DIE without any action at all. That amounts to absolute arrogant neglect by the lower house. The Servants have hijacked the People’s chamber to their own purposes.

One Response to "World War II Veteran Calls Out Trump"

  1. OPOVV   Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 8:56 AM

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.
    I’ll believe in the Constitution again when Hillary and all the
    other crooks are behind bars.


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