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by Old Frank, ©2018

Vladimir Lenin (Public domain, Wikipedia)

(Sep. 21, 2018) — Some may recall the perils of socialism – but not the ones whose parents pay a king’s ransom to become ‘educated’ by leftists who teach in our once-great colleges.

I trace this to the Vietnam War, where America stood up to the threat of the forward march of world communism by drawing a line and then adhering to it.  We celebrated in August 1945 when Japan surrendered, ending World War II, and we mustered out our brave men who sought to resume their lives.  We DESTROYED thousands of aircraft, melted down our tanks, mothballed or sank may of our warships, and went to work building the U.N. and mistakenly, putting our faith in an organization that would outlaw war, and spending billions to rebuild Europe and Japan through the “Marshall Plan” that was also Harry Truman’s plan.  America seized no territory nor kept any prisoners of war.

While we had our eyes on our own futures, The Communist Internationale, under the odious Joe Stalin in the West and Mao Tse Tung in the East, not only did not destroy their weapons of war, nor muster out their men in uniform. They put into action their plans to seize whatever they could and turn these free peoples into the communist fold – workers’ paradises – if you prefer.  The Nationalist Chinese forces lost to Mao’s Red Army and the Democrat Party – and Harry Truman were blamed for “losing China.”  That was dirty politics, but to be expected.  China was never ‘ours’ to lose.  But, the blame stung.

A short time later, one of Stalin’s implanted stooges disobeyed him and Communist North Korea invaded its free neighbor to the South of the 38th parallel demarcation line.  Still stung by the criticism noted above, Harry Truman and Dean Acheson got the UN to act and thus, the Korean War started.  The Army, Air Corps, Marine and Naval Reserve officers were recalled and pressed into the service and the draft ramped back up.  After a long and bloody struggle, the North was pushed back to its side of the border and an armistice was signed, ending the conflict.  In Europe, Stalin and his ‘approved’ henchmen in the Balkans and Eastern Europe were put in place as puppet regimes of the Kremlin.  Greece stood out as the exception in Europe, and the newly-minted ‘Truman Doctrine’ also saved Turkey and Iran from Stalin’s clutches.

But the Kremlin recognized that marching forces across an established border would now be met with force using military resources from throughout the free world.  So they didn’t abandon their dream of world domination; they adopted instead a new strategy – Wars of National Liberation.  Under this plan, communists and fellow travelers in a targeted country would plot a list of ‘grievances’ and ‘demonstrate’ that the legitimate state government was treating these ‘poor dissidents’ badly.  And in short order, they would start demonstrations, forming cadres (and getting funding and guidance from Uncle Joe back in Moscow). The next step was to create a ‘shadow government’ and begin recruiting ‘victims of class warfare’ and ‘government oppression.’  Then came the arms shipments – smuggled in and paid for by the Kremlin.  They did this in Southeast Asia (SEA), Latin America, and Africa – and ALWAYS found sympathetic coverage in Western media and universities.

The Viet Cong were one of those ‘cadres’;  so were the Sandinistas and so on.  With respect to Viet Nam, it had been a part of French Indochina and at the end of World War II, many in the West felt that colonialism was a vestige of an earlier era and had run its course.  The French were reluctant to play in Vietnam or Laos, but indigenous forces pushed them to the limit.  The Northern part of Vietnam was taken over by Ho Chi Minh and joined the world communist empire, and the South was free and ostensibly ‘democratic.’  In the South the Viet Cong were not only a fifth column, but also undertook armed rebellion.

President Eisenhower wanted no part of a ‘war in Asia’ but reluctantly sent some advisors to the South.  The 1960 presidential campaign made wild charges about Ike’s imagined “Missile Gap” and his handling of the crisis in SEA.  JFK carried the day, and Ike’s chosen successor, VP Richard Nixon, was defeated.  JFK soon gave his “bear any burden” speech – and the handful of advisors sent by Ike were soon being expanded.  That speech of JFK’s was crafted with the memory of the canard that Truman and his Democrats had lost China, still a vivid and stinging memory.

A new kind of war-fighting was needed – to meet ‘unconventional war’ threats – specifically guerrilla warfare by leftist indigenous combatants – generously supported and funded by the Kremlin and Mao’s China.  When the demand for more soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors grew and draft numbers were called with increasing frequency, many sought education deferments which were granted as long as the ‘student’ kept his or her grades up.  Those without the means to pay for college, let alone advanced degrees that kept them out of the draft, went to war.

Meanwhile, the left and Lenin’s useful idiots throughout the West bought into Stalin’s disinformation campaign – lock, stock and barrel.  The war was condemned, but such condemnation applied only to those who were fighting to sustain the South’s freedom.  By delegitimizing the ‘war,’ draft-dodging and even running away to Sweden or Canada – or taking yet another ‘education’ deferment, was turned into something ‘heroic.’   The dead and wounded piled up, and the leftist propaganda machine lied to defame the courage and worthiness of our valiant men who sacrificed months, years, limbs, and life itself to save another country from the darkness of communism.

But those who ran away rather than answer their nation’s call began to feel a bit guilty of cowardice. To assuage their conscience, they made America’s altruistic efforts into something dirty so that those who put themselves above the fray would be seen as the REAL heroes for ‘standing up’ for what was ‘right!’  It was nonsense then, and it is still nonsense today.  Yellow streaks never leave the spine.

Nevertheless, by virtue of having stayed in school, they eventually acquired PhDs and took positions in our universities, where they began to preach their own version of ‘history.’  And that’s where the anti-Americanism and division were nurtured and have flowered today into what the cowards want their innocent charges to think.

How many phony ‘heroes’ are on the left?  Kerry – that lying, traitorous b***** – Senator Blumenthal from Connecticut who lied about being a Vietnam vet – Leahy, Durbin, Obama, Clinton — none of them has served or probably even knows anyone who did.  You see, we are the ‘deplorables.’

Old Frank

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