by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 19, 2018) — On Wednesday blogger and “Nooganomics” radio host David Tulis published a detailed account of alleged police brutality in Chattanooga, TN against a minor during the course of a repossession of her mother’s vehicle.

Tulis reports that according to the girl’s mother, Avery Gray, the officer used force against her 14-year-old daughter because she “moved too slowly for the officer’s commands.”  Gray says that the officer injured both of her daughter’s wrists such that she must now attend physical therapy instead of participating in basketball, as she would normally do at this time of year.

Gray added, while speaking to the Chattanooga City Council, that her daughter is now terrified of police officers.

The story is part of a larger picture, Tulis reports, of alleged police misconduct in the Chattanooga area and beyond over the summer.

For the last six years, Tulis has hosted the “Nooganomics” radio show on CBS affiliate NoogaRadio at 92.7 FM, heard from 1:00 to 3:00 PM weekdays. A former copy editor from The Chattanooga Times Free Press, Tulis dares to expose local corruption where the mainstream media will not.

The show is also heard locally on 95.3 FM.

Tulis recently launched a GoFundMe campaign to support the show, where he wrote, in part:

Hot News Talk Radio does not charge my for my airtime because it knows I bring listeners and create advertiser value.

But I ask you to affirm my daily show so I can give back. Support and sponsor my argument, my aggressive reporting, my calls for reform that all kinds of people support, whether liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, left or right, whether it be cash bail reform or Title 55 police powers reform.

I argue for “Noogacentrism” and localism, a whimsical theory about the need of people to turn to more active living in local economy. By using my arguments, we the people — one person at a time, under God’s providence — “take back” our city from its erstwhile caretakers, and encourage the listener to pursue prosperity, freedom and blessings for neighbors and the poor and oppressed.

On Wednesday at 2:00 PM EDT, this writer will be Tulis’s guest to discuss recent reports of corruption and brutality within Tennessee’s prison system.

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  1. Mr. David I can’t believe I cane across your article on Judge Joe Thompson here in Gallatin. He is friends with my ex husband’s lawyer Butch Moore. He wouldn’t let my 16 year old son speak or testify and forced him to move to Arizona and be with his Alhcoholic father. Completely biased with zero regard for the child. How do I get my son back.