by Sharon Rondeau

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Interestingly, Obama himself said last Friday while giving a speech at the University of Illinois at Urbana that the “long-form” “birth certificate” matter is a “conspiracy theory” when the image was found by a 5+-year criminal investigation to be an undoubted “computer-generated forgery.”  Investigator Mike Zullo was joined by two forensic experts in his assessment that the image posted at whitehouse.gov on April 27, 2011 could not have emanated from a real, paper document, yet Obama and his sycophants continue to purport it to be authentic.

CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret) discussed Obama’s unexpected remark with Peter Boyles on his show Wednesday morning.

Perhaps the “Deep State” was involved in creating the birth certificate image and purveying the myth that it represents an original docunment generated by the Hawaii Department of Health, just as it apparently told the press that the Trump campaign may have “colluded” with the Russians.

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