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(Sep. 4, 2018) — It is August 29, 2018 at 8:50 p. m. as I start this article.  I am watching an episode of the TV sitcom “Last Man Standing” and find it very timely in today’s politically correct disaster we call society.  Lead character, Mike Baxter, played by comedian Tim Allen, was asked by his daughter Mandy to tell his story of success in business at the graduation of her class from the business school she was attending but ran into trouble when the administration insisted on editing his story to be politically-correct and he refused to bow to censorship so was banned from speaking.

Baxter couldn’t say “Ladies and Gentlemen” or speak of succeeding because people might be offended by “gender identification” and a story of hard work being the key to success because everyone who works hard doesn’t succeed, and they felt as if telling his story as it happened would be “offensive.”

Mike took Mandy to an abandoned building and told her of an immigrant from Eastern Europe who had started there and built a small sandwich shop into a 14-store chain with long days, hard work, and a determination to succeed.  Mike told Mandy that people should be less concerned about who they might “offend” and more interested in who they might inspire.

I can identify with this situation, as I am having difficulty getting articles published because I am not politically-correct and am very much more interested in who I might inspire and/or lead to a better life through what I write.  I find that some conservative sites are so fearful of liberal backlash that they won’t take my articles because they are blunt and to the point.

I am not intentionally offensive and have no malice nor hatred for anyone, but I will not bow to political correctness.  I write the truth and adhere to the Word of God in spite of the catcalls and whines from people who couldn’t care less what Almighty God says about morality and the way we should conduct ourselves.  I even see Christian church denominations that compromise to please an evil world so they will be accepted and liked by satan and his followers.

Our nation is being destroyed because many of God’s people are afraid to stand against the wrath of satan.  Jesus said, “Before the world hated you it hated Me.”  The hatred and vitriol doesn’t come from me; it comes from those who reject the truth and attack anyone who will stand behind what God’s Word says.  I can back up every comment I make with Scripture.  The things I write aren’t hate at all.

I once led a very immoral life peppered with alcohol and drug use, adultery, and making excuses for all of it.  The day finally came when I began to take God’s Word seriously and decided I would turn to Jesus and do all I can to help others see the error of drugs, alcohol, and immorality to hopefully save some from the misery I created for myself and those I loved.  I hurt a lot of people during my days of denial that my immoral lifestyle was hurting anyone and only realized too late that I was doing a lot of harm to a lot of people, mostly those closest to me.

The problem I have faced since turning my life of sin to a life of living righteously is that telling the truth about an immoral lifestyle brings vitriolic attacks filled with hatred from those who don’t like their sin being called sin.  Liberals, the people calling me names, are the ones spouting hate and refusing to be the “inclusive,” “accepting” people they claim to be.  They are happy to include and accept anyone who agrees with them but not so much for anyone who reads the Word of God to them.

Look at the way they attack anyone who believes the Second Amendment actually means that the right of We the People to “keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” those of us who believe people coming into this nation illegally should not be accepted and supported but should be deported, or those of us who believe that our way of life should be preserved rather than come under submission to islam.  All of the mass murders have been committed by liberal democrats, not one of us “dangerous gun advocates,” yet the answer from liberals is ALWAYS to confiscate guns from those of us not committing the crimes.  If gun control was the answer, Chicago would be the safest city in the world, not the murder capital of America.

Political correctness is effectively spitting in God’s face and telling Him we know better and that His rules don’t apply to this society.  I refuse to go along with the liberal agenda; always have, always will.  What disturbs me the most is that so many conservatives will not stand up to the attacks of liberals because they don’t want to be criticized and called names.  The Holy Bible states that we are to be IN the world, not OF the world, but that takes more courage than some have.  Acceptance is a drug of sorts, as the desire to be accepted and liked by everyone is intoxicating to too many people.  Some will accept anything others want them to accept in order to get approval but have no interest in nor concern about God’s approval.

I am convinced we are in the last days of civilization from Bible prophecy and what I see happening in the world, particularly in America.  The Bible says that in the last days right will be wrong and wrong will be right, and mankind will fall away from God.  I see all of these things happening today.  I am not like the nuts who set dates, only to be proven wrong because the Bible also says that “only the Father knows when the end will come, that even the Son doesn’t know.”

When I see the leaders of Christian denominations accepting things the Bible calls “an abomination to God,” I see a great falling-away in those groups and am dismayed that this nation, founded on the principles of the Holy Bible, is getting so far away from our founders’ ideas.

It is now Friday night, August 31, and I just got home from Vision, Friday night church.  Before the service started I was talking to the pastor of one of the churches I belong to in Claremore, Pastor Ted Estes of Lifechanger Church, and he pointed out that on a global scale people are coming to Jesus in droves. So the overall picture may not be as bleak as it seems to me, but I am very concerned about the future of this nation when I see the state of the church and society as a whole today.

I am regularly attacked on social media sites because I have the audacity to stick to God’s Word and refuse to bow to political correctness.  I don’t hate those people; I pity them because they don’t seem to understand that attacking me is essentially attacking God’s Word and character.  I didn’t just make up my viewpoints in order to irritate people.  While I once didn’t live by God’s Word very much, or at all, I still believed in honoring and following the Constitution.  I would have been much wiser to have stayed in the Army and made a career there but I didn’t and fell prey to the “If it feels good, do it” mentality and that led to destruction because I allowed satan a place in my life, ending in divorce and hurting my wife and children.

My now ex-wife and I have reconciled and although not back together we get along, having left the past behind.  I repented of my sinful ways and have not repeated my sinful ways in the 29 years I have been married to my second wife.  Since suffering a massive stroke in August 2014 I am recovering and serving God to the best of my ability.  As restoration proceeds I am using the ability I gain to do more to serve God by serving people.

My life today is a testimony to the love, mercy, and power of the Creator of the entire universe.  I tell people the story of the prognosis that I wouldn’t live through the night and then the “good news” that I would likely live but would be permanently paralyzed and a mental vegetable.  I am a living, breathing, walking, talking miracle, having seen two miracles already and still waiting on the third of total restoration to pre-stroke condition.

I had a dream in May 2016 that I would wake up one morning totally restored.  That day hasn’t arrived yet, but it will arrive and people will be amazed to see it.  I have been very encouraged to see people encouraged and inspired by my recovery and attitude through this ordeal.  One of my pastors, Rick Burke of CedarPoint Church in Claremore, often speaks of “patient endurance,” that is, enduring hard times with faith and a good attitude.  Patient endurance sounds great when things are going well but much tougher under difficult circumstances, such as being very disabled from a stroke.  My left arm is still mostly paralyzed and my left leg is not much better.  On top of that I have a torn rotator cuff muscle in my right shoulder and a very bad right knee.  I hobble more than walk and have to do everything with a less-than-healthy right arm and hand, so being patient is a challenge such as I have never experienced before.  God is working in me and through me, making my life better and allowing me to help others, a great honor to me considering my past.  I still believe my dream will come to pass and restoration will come, the only question being WHICH day.

I submit this in the name of the MOST HOLY TRINITY, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. I wish you awaken tomorrow morning as new.

    My feeling is that is if I don’t offend somebody in my editorials, I’m not doing my job, and I take that same attitude to the streets.

    When the Muslim president Obama was in office, I would say VERY LOUDLY when leaving a store, “Merry Christmas”, and reveal in my political incorrectness.

    I now say stuff like maybe they should have “HANDICAP PARKING” for Democrats and those who believe that Obama was “vetted” and actually produced his BIRTH CERTIFICATE and other “mentally challenged” individuals, and ask the people around me while standing in line what they think of my idea.