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by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 1, 2018) — In her opening statement Saturday evening, Judge Jeanine Pirro accused Attorney General Jeff Sessions of being a “shill” for the “Deep State” in order to provide “cover” for corrupt Democrats and Justice Department bad actors.

Over the last six months, Pirro has been increasingly strident about Sessions’s refusal to resign amid President Trump’s obvious displeasure at his performance as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer primarily for Sessions’s recusal from the “Russia” investigation.

Pirro claimed that Sessions has “ignored” the “flow of hundreds of millions” to the Clinton Foundation by refusing to open an investigation into allegations of improprieties from when she served as secretary of state.  Sessions has also declined to look anew at Clinton’s use of a private email server during the same period of time and subsequent destruction of “33,000 emails” and other evidence.

Many believe that the FBI’s investigation was only a formality designed to exonerate Clinton, who appeared to be the preferred candidate in text messages exchanged between then-counterintelligence deputy chief Peter Strzok and a then-FBI counsel, Lisa Page.   Strzok played a prominent role in both the Clinton and Trump “Russia” probes.

“All the bad actors that need you to protect them are blowing smoke,” Pirro figuratively addressed Sessions while berating him for allowing the Mueller “Russia collusion” probe to continue.  “You need to do one of two things:  resign immediately…or put on your big-boy pants and be a real attorney general,” Pirro ended her fiery soliloquy.

Thus far, no evidence of “collusion” has been identified on the part of Trump or his campaign aides, although a number have been indicted on other charges.  Some took plea deals, while former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was convicted two weeks ago of eight federal crimes related to his foreign consulting work.

On Friday, the resignations of two of Mueller’s prosecutors were announced, just one day after it was revealed that DOJ official Bruce Ohr kept another Mueller team member, Andrew Weissmann, “in the loop” about the now-infamous Russia “dossier” compiled to smear Trump prior to the election.

The dossier was paid for by the DNC and Clinton campaign and used as justification to spy on then-Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Pirro additionally suggested that following the midterm elections, Trump could appoint, on an interim basis, a replacement for Sessions, according to Article II, Section 2, clause 3 of the Constitution.  Trump has told the press that he “will not fire” Sessions prior to the November 6 elections.

The Mueller investigation has not touched on evidence of corruption within the Justice Department and FBI during 2016 aimed at derailing Trump’s election and presidency nor at the allegations against Clinton.

A former prosecutor and attorney, Pirro rhetorically asked her first guest, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, what Trump could do and who might take action on the DOJ’s corruption.  “It all comes down to Jeff Sessions, a grand jury, and holding him accountable,” Pirro concluded.

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  1. Glenn Harrison…thanks…and concerning your, “Shifting gears”……comment.

    I have thought for years that preparation for Obama was being done by GWB. Here is something I am suspicious of. GWB produced a new E.O., 13467 near the end of his presidency and Congress mandated the E.O. be in effect by January of 2009. It was signed near the end of June in 2008 by GWB. I don’t believe there was any doubt at that time that Obama was going to be elected in November. I wonder why it was so important to change the security clearance procedure, which worked for GWB, in order to make it, “better”, for the incoming president from the opposition party, and why would Congress mandate it be in effect by January of 2009? Below is something I posted at Gateway Pundit on this subject…….check it out. My post from GWP:
    George W. Bush signed an Executive Order in June of 2008, E.O. 13467 which was mandated by Congress to be in effect by January of 2009….just in time for Obama. A few days ago, (8-29-2018), White House Chief of Staff John Kelly announced a review of security clearance Executive Orders, one of which was E.O. 13467. I hope Mr. Kelly noticed what I have been pointing out for more than a year which is; by Executive Order it was made so that almost anyone could be given a security clearance to see classified information if that was desired by the president and/or vice president, no background check required. The list of people whose job allowed them to see classified information without a background check also grew longer. That seemed to me to be setting the stage for Obama to literally flood his administration with unvetted, no background check required people as soon as he was sworn-in….and he did. Remember the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House, etc., etc.? The unvetted Czars, one of whom, Van Jones, quit after a YouTube video surfaced showing him saying he was a Communist……I believe he went to work somewhere else in Obama’s administration.

    Here is a link to a CRS report on E.O 13467. Just 1 easy to read page will help you understand that security clearances, i.e. the ability to see classified information, are handed out very easily, often with no background check required. Please go here and read page 7:

    And here is a link to the recent article about John Kelly reviewing the E.O.’s which regulate security clearances:

    More on E.O. 13467 you need to read. Not long, please take a look.


  2. Judge Jeanine, Hannity Show, and Foxy News when are you going to do “real” news and
    expose the fake and fabricated Obummer? Weren’t you informed that Obummer is/was a

    Two references that should give yous “egg on your faces” are 07/18/2012 Hannity show with
    Trump and 07/19/2012 cancelled Hannity Show with Lt. Zullo.

    Here Trump thumped Obama’s fabricated credentials and Hannity laid back and went mute.

    In order for Zullo to have been scheduled to appear on the “scheduled” show he would have
    had to relay his topic and general information of the investigation that Obummer was a fraud.

    Foxy News, don’t fret, should this ever “hit the fan” you’ll have others to keep company too.

  3. Gary MW and Bob68 as usually, excellent remarks.

    Shifting gears.

    This past Friday and Saturday I was at Church doing some construction work and “only”
    heard “bits and pieces” of McCain’s funeral on the radio news/reports. The whole thing felt odd and mean to me.

    Isn’t it quite odd for “really” elected presidents and officials to associate with Usurper Obummer at this event? Here do we have “birds of a feather”, “flocking together”?

    Here, Obummer wasn’t the only skunk in attendance. He seemed well accepted. This Deep, Dark, Dank, Demented, Dangerous, and Damming State goes “shallow to deep”. What light has fellowship with darkness? A pig covered in mud is still a pig. And stinks too.

    P&E, in a few days, could you expand on the McCain’s funeral?

  4. Agree 100 percent with Bob68. NBC is defined in the Law of Nations which is incorporated in the Constitution by reference. Recently mentioned the Law of Nations to a friend who said: “What’s the Law of Nations.” Most people do not have a clue. Yet they insist the Constitution does not define NBC.

  5. Bob68 soon to be Bob75 gets it right again! Good Judge Jeanine video clip nevertheless. Anyone catch the clip of George Bush passing candy to Moochelle aka Obama at the McShame funeral? And can anyone fathom why McCain would want aka Obama the most corrupt, divisive, anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-family values, appeaser of our enemies, anti-military fraud delivering a eulogy? Oh and anyone see that the LA City Council in their infinite wisdom just voted unanimously (15-0) to rename a street after aka Obama? They don’t even know his real name, parentage, real citizenship, place of birth or whether he will be directly linked to the current corruption scandals associated with the CIA, FBI, DOJ, NSA, State Dept. or White House. Nothing to see here.

  6. Judge Jeanine, and the others who ask why Sessions is obstructing trying to get to the truth, and protecting the Deep State, never mention this.

    Why I never wanted Sessions as AG:

    I did not want anyone in Congress to be chosen as AG, because they all did/said nothing when it really counted in 2009 and allowed an ineligible, identity fraud con-artist to be sworn-in as America’s putative president. This was a violation of their sworn oath to protect the Constitution, and as we have witnessed for 8+ years they allowed a Deep State plant to weaken America in every way possible. Those who were not in Congress when Obama was sworn-in back in 2009, but were later, continued the silence and cover-up of Obama’s identity fraud and ineligibility. If they had done their job to protect the Constitution and demanded proof of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility and his identity, America would have been saved from the Obama fraud. This was easy to see in 2009, and is crystal clear today. Those whose job is to protect the Constitution instead gave America’s government and her military to the enemy.
    Seems at times like I am one of only a few who see it this way……..but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…..because to me it seems logical….and obvious. To those like Judge Jeanine, Hannity and many others, who have IMO been told what they can and cannot say on this subject……what I believe will never even be considered. Judge Jeanine gets it right, and then leaves out the most relevant reason why Sessions is protecting the Deep State, and himself. It’s difficult to expose a crime which will not be mentioned.