August 26, 2018

Dear Editor:

It was very, very sad news for all Australians to learn of the death of a truly great American ally: the heroic Vietnam War US Navy pilot Senator John McCain, who was shot down over Vietnam while fighting for the same democracy, liberty and affluence for the then-South Vietnamese as enjoyed by today’s 50 million South Koreans.

Sadly, just as we hear of the heroic John McCain’s passing, the Vietnam War’s most nefarious traitor, American “glitterati” member Jane Fonda (who has reached 80 years of age) is, this same week, here in Melbourne (Australia’s second most populous city), where people will be paying good money to hear her host “An Evening with Jane Fonda” just as so many people around the world will be paying their respects to the family of a truly good man for their great loss!

Now when Fonda is sitting (perched on a high stool?) telling Australians of her life, she will remember her dastardly act when, as a mature woman in her 30s, she sat on enemy anti-craft weapons, the type that shot down the heroic John McCain and were launched against many of Fonda’s other countrymen and allies, including Australians, so many of whom did not live to 30 years of age when paying with their lives for others.

Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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  1. What about all of the sailors that were killed onboard the USS Forrestal CV-19 when this “hero” crashed his plane while “hotdogging” on a landing?!?! Plus he threw Obamacare a lifeline twice just to spite Trump!
    Not my kind of hero!

    RB 100% Disabled Navy Veteran
    US Navy Submarine Service