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by Sharon Rondeau

Vespers passes upon the fortress of the Kremlin, Moscow

(Aug. 21, 2018) — On Tuesday night’s “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity reviewed the headlines of the day which included a guilty plea by former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen and convictions on eight counts on various crimes against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

During the opening minutes of his opening monologue, Hannity stressed that the indictments against both men are unrelated to the alleged reason for the hiring of former FBI Director Robert Mueller to act as “Special Counsel”:  Russia “collusion” on the part of Trump and/or his campaign aides.

Trump has insisted that no one on his campaign “colluded” with Russia in order to tip the election in his favor.  His administration has pointed to actions it has taken against the Russian Federation for its alleged tampering with the 2016 election.

Cohen agreed on Tuesday to plead “guilty” to various charges, including violating campaign-finance laws and tax fraud.

“How did we go from Russia ‘collusion’ to this?” Hannity asked his audience rhetorically, positing that “If you’re a Democrat and you have subpoenaed information, you can mishandle classified information…” The statement was a reference to Hillary Clinton, who used an unauthorized email server while she acted as secretary of state under Barack Obama.

It is undisputed that Clinton sent classified information over the server and that it was compromised by foreign actors.

Hannity reiterated that he believes the U.S. has a “two-tiered justice system” which allows certain individuals to escape scrutiny while others who happen to be “associated with Trump” are “going to prison.”

He opined that the “Deep State” is working to remove Donald Trump from office.

At 9:16 p.m. EDT, guest and former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy said that he does not believe Mueller is investigating Russian “interference” in the 2016 election, with which he was also initially tasked.  He added that in his view, “Mueller didn’t see Cohen as somebody who was going to advance his Russia investigation” and therefore turned his findings over to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York for prosecution.

“I don’t think they regard him as a witness,” McCarthy said, invoking media reports that Cohen will not be “cooperating” with federal investigators.

The U.S. Attorney reportedly said that the “rule of law” must be applied to all Americans equally.

Neither Cohen nor Manafort’s charges claim that they “colluded” with Russian operatives in connection with the election.  However, Cohen’s attorney, longtime Democrat operative and Clinton supporter Lanny Davis, said that his client will be revealing information about Trump’s wrongdoing, according to Fox News.

“We don’t have a constitutional republic,” Hannity said at 9:26 p.m. to guest and Fox News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett.

The topic turned to the Russia “dossier” provided by British citizen Christopher Steele, which investigative reporter Sara A. Carter said constituted “collusion” given that Steele had connections to DOJ attorney Bruce Ohr, who funneled the dossier’s information to the FBI.  “There needs to be a special counsel, according to a number of sources I’ve spoken with,” Carter said of those recently-revealed developments.

Jarrett opined that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is “covering up” his own misconduct and position as a witness to the actions of FBI and DOJ personnel during the 2016 election which targeted Trump but allowed Clinton to escape criminal charges for her mishandling of classified information.

Jarrett opined, as he has in the past, that the Special Counsel “is illegitimate” because there is no “stated crime” for him to investigate.

At 9:38 p.m., guest and attorney Mark Levin said that Davis had his client plead “guilty” to two campaign violations that “do not exist.”  Levin took issue with the prosecutor’s charges in that regard.  “A campaign expenditure…is an expenditure solely for campaign purposes,” he said.

“It’s not a crime,” Levin said of the expenditures Cohen reportedly paid on Trump’s behalf to two women claiming to have had affairs with Trump, which Trump denies.

Levin said that paying “hush money” to silence a potentially damaging voice before an election is “perfectly legal.”  “Lanny Davis blew it,” he asserted at 9:43 p.m.

He said that because of corruption within the DOJ associated with the Trump dossier, “we need a special counsel now.”



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  1. For America to fully recover and be great again, I believe that it will be necessary for our current president Donald J Trump to EXPOSE the undocumented foreign-born constitutionally-ineligible fraud “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA” who one decade ago STOLE the U.S. presidency and our armed forces. It also will be necessary to inform the people of the fact that “Obama” ethnically was, and remains, an ARAB AMERICAN as opposed to Black. In all likelihood, despite the aforementioned truth about “Obama’s” racial background, it then will be necessary for the so-called “United” States of America to suffer through another bloody CIVIL WAR. The latter I pray to God does not happen. Tom Arnold.

  2. Thank you Glenn Harrison. I still have hope, just not as much on some days as on others.
    My post at other websites, like the post here, are getting a lot of positive comments…….of course I’m glad that’s the case…..but disappointed it took so long. I agree the media also were complicit as they were nothing more than cheerleaders for Obama. The Republicans were complicit in allowing Obama’s fraudulent presidency, and that made the, “uni-party”, even more so as both parties worked to cover for the Obama fraud. I ask people to just think back and connect the dots from 2008/2009…..up until today. The pieces of the puzzle just fall in place. The security clearance links from a few days ago also provide a lot of insight into why the takeover of our government from the inside-out was so easy. Hard to get people to go and read them, but when they do they are usually shocked. For anyone who may read this post, here are those links again.
    About security clearances:

    Here is the link to a very informative Congressional Research Service document. Please read page 7:

    More good information here:

    Here is a link directly to E.O. 13467:

    and this, do members of Congress have to hold a security clearance?

  3. BOB68 as usual you hit lots of nails on their head. I understand lots of what you consider.
    But I have lots of hope and faith in the future and what Trump will accomplish. D.C. is a
    deep and entrenched swamp. To me, Trump is like the “Road Runner”. He has and I tend
    to believe he will continue to be steps ahead of the great evil he is dealing with.

    You, others, and myself must stay in the fight and continue to expose the evil. Not only did
    Congress avoid corrective action against Obummer, so too was the Media at fault. And let’s
    not forget that the Republicans from all local to national levels also stood by and did nothing
    against “Barry”. Therefore, Trump has been fighting the far extreme left and the lame right.

    Let’s keep the faith and fight like heck. United, we will win.

  4. Here are the basics of what I believe got us where we are today:

    Until someone with the courage and ability to expose Obama as the usurper he is does so, and I am still hoping it will be Trump, America loses. Congress, all of it, including now AG Jeff Sessions, sat by in 2009 and did/said nothing to stop an ineligible, identity fraud con-artist from usurping America’s presidency. This means they all violated their sworn oath to protect the Constitution….and they allowed an enemy of America to take control of her government and her military.
    To me this was like turning over America to her enemy after we had lost a war, only without the conventional war. It was a planned and successfully carried out plan to weaken America in every way possible. The plan even included a follow-up to cover for the Obama fraud, and her name is Hillary. This is where the plan fell apart and extreme panic in all complicit in this mother of all crimes broke out. Donald Trump was the last person the many complicit in the Obama fraud wanted in office because he poses a threat to expose the truth about Barry. Whether that will happen is in doubt, but will Trump actually allow his presidency to be destroyed without using the weapon he has to save it …the truth,…. sinking the Deep State and opening the swamp drain?
    Talk about dots connecting, go back to 2008 and look at this issue, the evidence and the actions and inaction of Congress, the Obama media and the alphabet agencies Obama quickly weaponized. Maybe it’s just me….but the dots connect perfectly to get us exactly where we are today. None of the other scandals, many of which were enabled and some even necessitated by the Obama fraud, come close to the big one of assisting and allowing the usurpation of America’s presidency. If that one just fades into history, I believe America will never fully recover.