“Old Frank” Speaks Out on John Brennan


August 20, 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

About the latest kerfuffle over ex-CIA Chief Brennan’s security clearance, allow me, as someone who’s been there with the highest security clearances, to clear up any confusion.

First, you get a thorough check before you get the final clearance.  For Top Secret, SCI (Specially Compartmentalized Intelligence) and others, I can tell you that no one is supposed to have access to such information unless they have a LEGITIMATE NEED TO KNOW!.  In short, if you are not in the intimate, small circle of decision-makers at that particular moment, you CANNOT HAVE ACCESS!  Got that?  Open doors to everything about what’s going on in the intelligence world is SUPPOSED to be restricted to those who have a legitimate need to know and are involved in the current operation.

Let me explain how it works in the DoD (or at least the JCS and the military commands).  If you are privy  to – and have an ‘assumed’ need to know – you must sign a document that you can inform only two people in your chain of command about what you are working on.  And, you must acknowledge  that you will be subject to a polygraph if a breach of security is detected.  Got that?  You are going to be found out and courts-martialed!

I had a two-star boss who I could read into what I was working on (and thus, would have less time for the regular tasks that would might be assigned to me), but I could not inform my Director (a three-star) about what I was doing.  Got that?  See how tightly we were controlled?  And now we have this guy Brennan insisting that he retain his access to Top Secret material.  I’m sorry, but I feel no compassion for his ‘plight.’

Also, please check out where Brennan — a lifetime commie — is coming from.  Anybody who hated America was his kind of guy.  From Castro to Ortega, to the Kremlin Chiefs – he was there for all of them.  America was the problem… never them.  And yet somehow Brennan was  given the top spot in CIA – but only by another ‘fellow traveler,’ Barack Obama!

Old Frank

2 Responses to "“Old Frank” Speaks Out on John Brennan"

  1. JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS   Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 11:00 AM

    TRUMP: force as O.BRENNAN-OBAMA: farce


    O.brennan – Obama can not pass E-verify with forged IDs?

    Mollie Tibbetts’ murderer can pass E-verify with forged IDs?

    LESSON LEARNED from alien presIDent Obama’s Legacy of Lunacy 2008- 2018:

    To allow any presIDential candIDate/incumbent presIDent/ex-presIDent to escape passing basic national security clearances is to recklessly promote “unequal justice under the law”, don’t you think?

  2. Bob68   Tuesday, August 21, 2018 at 11:27 AM

    Good article, and it looks like a good place to post these links concerning Security Clearances.
    Please go here and read the information I have provided, If you only want to read one document……then please go here and read page 7. This is from the Congressional Research Service:

    The links below provide additional useful information:

    This link provides a link to E.O, 13467, right near the beginning….good information here:

    Here is a link directly to E.O. 13467:

    And this link in interesting… do members of Congress have to hold a security clearance….and if not, why not?

    Thank you.

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