Old Frank’s Opinion of “Crooked Hillary”


by “Old Frank”

(Aug. 18, 2018) — [Editor’s Note:  A reliable source informed The Post & Email that “Old Frank is a retired US military officer who remains anonymous.”

Please help me understand how so many among us who rebel against President Trump could POSSIBLY believe that America (and the world) would have been better off if Hillary Clinton had been elected president?  Sure, Trump has warts.  So do I and I’ll bet you do, too.  I wish he would be more careful with his tweets; but, given the hateful media treatment he receives, this is, perhaps, the best way for him to get his messages out.

But a President Hillary?  For heaven’s sake!  What does she stand for?  Where did she come from, in terms of early adulthood?  Hmmm?

It sees that she supported Back Panther cop killers in Oakland, California.  And she actively sought out Saul Alinsky – the anti-American, extreme-leftist guru for many of the trouble-makers of the 60’s and 70’s, so as to assist Alinsky in implementing his ‘policies.’  (Alinsky’s playbook is still revered by leftist ‘Democrats.’)  And since those early years, how much has she changed?

  • She is no feminist – having slandered and trashed the women who were sexually abused by her husband, as governor, and later as president.
  • She is congenital liar about things large and small, even things that she must KNOW can be easily fact-checked – such as her very name – which she claims was given her by her parents to commemorate Sir Edmund Hilary’s feat of being the first Westerner to have climbed Mt. Everest.  Unfortunately for Hillary, Sir Edmund’s amazing feat was accomplished three years after Hillary Clinton’s actual birth.  There are so many more similar, stupid lies such as coming Hillary under fire while landing in the Balkans as Secretary of State.  Didn’t happen!  The film shows her being welcomed by a little girl bringing her a bouquet of flowers as she deplaned.
  • And then, how about money-grubbing as a ‘career’?  Whitewater and ‘pork belly investments’  —  back in Ole Arkansas, anyone?  And later, as Secretary of State, she and Bill ran — and profited handsomely  from — the Clinton “Foundation,” which took in tens of millions from foreign investors (‘clients,’ actually) for purported humanitarian causes, but was, in reality, only a glitzy ‘pay-for-play scheme’ that paid out less than 5% of the over $100 million they took in for genuine humanitarian relief projects.  The rest went for ‘expenses.’  And “amazingly” today, the Clintons are worth over $100 million.  Truly amazing!  Who knew that governors of Arkansas, American presidents and senators, and Secretaries of States earned such salaries!
  • And of course, the obvious fact that in order to hide the pay-for-play while she was Secretary of State, she had to AVOID using the official State Department messaging facilities – which she was required to use, but didn’t – because of the inevitable ‘bleed-over’ from the illicit ‘donations’ and ‘favors ’ from and for foreign clients with business before the American Government.

It is no wonder, then, when Madam Secretary failed to win our top office, the previously wildly successful Clinton ‘Foundation’ had to close its doors, because foreign donors would no longer pony up millions.  If you need more proof about this ‘Foundation,’ check out the ‘contributions’ the foundation ‘made’ to restore Haiti following its most recent natural disaster.  Yeah, money was ‘allocated’  but it never really got there….

The cover-ups, the failure of the FBI and other government security agencies to diligently investigate the target-rich Clinton Foundation and Clinton email scandal and abuse of national security protocols while in office, and the lies, and pervasive phoniness smell to high heaven.  And they prove that four years of Hillary would have known no bounds of corruption and malfeasance.  But despite all this, half the country still clings to the belief that somehow, some way, Hillary would have made a more worthy president and would have been more effective than President Trump in restoring our economy, creating millions of good jobs, and reasserting America’s beneficent influence in world affairs.

I simply cannot fathom this, can you?  Where did the others find this Kool-Aid??

Old Frank

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