by Sharon Rondeau

Peter Strzok testifying to two congressional committees, June 12, 2018 (C-Span via Wikipedia)

(Aug. 13, 2018) — On Monday night’s “Hannity,” Trump personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told Sean Hannity that now-fired FBI counterintelligence deputy chief Peter Strzok “ran” the investigation into whether or not anyone in the Trump campaign “colluded” with Kremlin operatives.

The former New York City mayor also said that the four applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC, sometimes called “the FISA court”), used to procure surveillance warrants on Carter Page for almost a year, are fraudulent.

“Strzok created a false document,” Giuliani said at approximately 9:31 p.m. EDT, minutes later stating that there was “perjury on the affidavit.”  The dossier was used as a probable cause affidavit to convince the court that the DOJ and FBI had a need to monitor Page’s communications.

Giuliani also revealed that “the day” the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server “was dropped” in July 2016, the now-infamous “dossier” appeared, which Giuliani said was the impetus to open the Trump-Russia counterintelligence probe.

Strzok had been the second-highest official in the FBI’s counterintelligence division.

Of former CIA Director John Brennan, Giuliani said, “He takes a false affidavit…he gets a couple senators involved…even in the order appointing Mueller, they don’t point out any crime.”

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is conducting the Trump “collusion” probe launched by Strzok and perhaps others at the FBI.

According to Hannity, Strzok is the sixth high-ranking FBI official to resign or be terminated since early 2017 after Trump took office.

Late Monday The Washington Post reported that Strzok was fired for the “anti-Trump texts” he sent his then-paramour, former FBI counsel Lisa Page.  Page resigned in early May.

On Monday morning, appearing on “Fox & Friends,” Giuliani said he has seen all of the documents Mueller’s investigation has produced thus far and is confident there was no “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives.



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  1. Precisely, Bob68. Allow me to add that what’s wrong with our country (divided, violence, public corruption, media malpractice, racism, intolerance, absurd political correctness, etc, etc) is in large part due to “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA,” who claimed to be America’s “first BLACK president,” but who in fact is by far more ARAB AMERICAN (44% Arab, 50% at most White, whereas only 6% Black). Not to mention the fact that he is an undocumented, foreign-born, constitutionally ineligible, serial criminal, who STOLE the U.S. presidency and command of its armed forces. My prediction- Donald Trump caves in (already has), and the SICK TREASONOUS TRUTH about “OBAMA” will never be revealed to the American people (at least not in my lifetime, and probably not in “Obama’s” lifetime or else he would be spending it in Leavenworth!). How do We, The People, like living a LIE? Tom A.

  2. Makes you smile that black cat, Detective Sunshine, art and Constitution cat in “The Reading Xpress With OK Reading” shows more integrity with cunning than all of the kings’ men in the justice system. lol See 01learn.org

  3. If there were not such a fear of implicating the person who I believe directed what the end result of Strzok’s actions was to be, Barack Hussein Obama, then all of this massive criminality could be cleared out quickly. Of course Obama wanted Hillary to, “protect his legacy”. Having a legacy of being an ineligible, identity fraud con-artist who usurped America’s presidency definitely needs protecting. That protection was planned for in 2008 when Hillary was told that Obama was going to be the president, and that she could have the job as president when he left. Hillary will do anything for money and she already knew Obama was ineligible, but was not going to do anything about it. Hillary was the perfect person to protect the crimes and corruption of Obama and of herself, as the next president. When an enemy of Obama and of Hillary was elected as president in 2016, the panic we are watching among all complicit in the Obama fraud went into overdrive. Slowly, way to slowly….the truth is starting to emerge and the complicit fear the truth will get to Obama and the Deep State, taking the entire evil cabal down…….so they are fighting fiercely to get Trump out of office before that happens.
    The way to end this is to completely reveal the evidence, which the Trump White House has in its possession that Obama is, without any doubt, both ineligible and a proven identity fraud. The problem is, at the moment Obama was allowed to be sworn in back in 2009 a, “crime too big to prosecute” was committed making getting anything done, much of it being in the hands of people who are complicit in the Obama fraud, very difficult.
    Any predictions on the final outcome of Obama’s usurpation, and of the current scandals in place trying to protect Obama’s, “legacy”?

  4. PENALTY to the plotters of President Lincoln’s assassination: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_of_Abraham_Lincoln

    PENALTY to the plotters of the Watergate- US Government collusion:

    PENALTY to the plotters of fraud-and-fake presIDent Soetoro-Obama II (SO2):
    No penalty to this Unidentified Foreign Operative, UFO-SO2, but America is penalized with harm and humiliation during a foreign SO2- US Government collusion period called “Decade of Decadence 2008- 2018”

    PENALTY to the plotters of the Hillary- US Government collusion during the 2016 election
    No law-adhering penalty, no jail time = ALL TALK and NO SHOCK

    Founding Fathers, if you can answer our prayers today, help President Trump deport all key leaders of America’s Decade of Decadence into jail cells so that, once again, no one is above the law; you risked your lives, property and honor to free America from an invasive foreign British government 1775- 1783, now help us free America from an invasive foreign US Government 2008- 2018!