by Sharon Rondeau

Graphic credit: Wikipedia

(Jul. 9, 2018) — Multiple reports say on Monday morning that four more boys of a group of 12 soccer players were brought out of the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Mae Sai, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, close to the border with Myanmar.

On Sunday the first four boys were extracted from the cave 2 1/2 miles from land and safety in an agonizingly intricate operation involving the best divers from around the world, some of whom are Thai Navy SEALS.

The group of 12, along with their coach, a 25-year-old former Buddhist monk, went missing when they did not return from an outing on June 23. They were discovered in the recesses of the cave complex on July 2 by two British divers, who remain involved in the rescue efforts.

If Monday’s pattern follows Sunday’s, the Thai Navy SEALS will take a break and resume the rescue of the five remaining people on Tuesday.

Those already rescued have been taken to a nearby hospital, where an entire floor has been dedicated to their recovery and reunion with their families.

The UK Telegraph has posted a photographic compendium of events as they haven unfolded in the rescue mission.

NewsAsia has provided detailed coverage of the saga.

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