by Oscar Y. Harward, ©2018

(Jun. 25, 2018) — Democrat Party officials are destroying our USA, our constitution, and (y)our American flag.

Democrat Party officials support unknown immigrants into the USA without background checks; allowing terrorists into our communities, promoting and supporting havoc onto our unruly streets.

Democrat Party officials are creating sanctuary cities and allowing unlawful immigrants and other criminals to live free without investigations, prosecutions, convictions, and imprisonment.

Democrat Party officials support eliminating Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a federal agency formed to enforce and remove illegal immigrants.

Sanctuary cities leave its citizens and surrounding neighborhoods in dangerous areas.

As Vice President Pence has said of President Trump, “A nation without borders is not a nation.”

Under Democrat Party leadership, we witness more illegal drugs, raping, robbing, stealing, beating our citizens, and killing law-abiding Americans.

Democrat Party officials’ agenda presents more criminality, throughout.

We must support President Trump’s effort to keep America safe in every state and community; as well as to “drain the swamp” by purging our Capitol Hill government’s improper and illegal activity.

A political cure for law-abiding Americans is to defeat Democrats and elect conservative Republicans in elections.

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    Congress has performed as a criminal enterprise 08-28-08- TODAY, as this fine article on this superlative public-service website attempts to convey (warn) to fellow Americans.

    And MS-13 Savior, Lunancy Pelosi, is the leader of America’s DECADE OF DECADENCE 08-28-08- 2018!

    If we are not in a smoldering Civil War right now, we certainly are in a Civility War 2018, with each Congressperson-promoted personal attack on white public official women, with relative impunity.

    The Whoreable Maxine Waters, fugitive celebrity-criminal Hillary Clinton, and their ilk, are not promoting Freedom of Speech, rather, they and other sit-in cry-baby lawless liberal malcontents are selfishly promoting a brand of fearful effrontery that could fuel another Ferguson riot or a national Kristalnacht act of discrimination. Obscene Maxine et al belongs in jail, not Congress!

    Developer-President TRUMP and MAGA Citizens:
    DEMO Democrats:::DUMPSTER Obamacrats:::MONA (Make Obama Nothing Again)

    STOP the awful fail time><START the lawful jail time!