by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 25, 2018) — In his opening monologue Monday night, commentator Sean Hannity announced an article published approximately two hours earlier by The Hill’s John Solomon reporting that former FBI Director James Comey jettisoned a possible immunity agreement for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange has lived in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the last six years out of fear that he will be extradited to the United States for his releases of classified information, particularly documents sharing some of the capabilities of the CIA.  Previously, Assange released thousands of documents allegedly obtained from Sgt. Bradley Manning detailing classified military and State Department operations.

Hannity also raised the question as to what Assange might have said about the origin of the thousands of emails from the DNC server, with Hannity rhetorically asking if they “came from Russia or somewhere else.”

The emails, released by WikiLeaks beginning just before the 2016 DNC convention, showed that party officials favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders and disparaged their presumed supporters while courting their votes.

Some believe that the late DNC Data Director Seth Rich, murdered in Washington, DC in the early morning of July 10, 2016 in what was said to have been a “botched robbery attempt,” was the source of the emails.  Internet entrepreneur and gamer Kim Dotcom has said that he has evidence showing that Rich was involved and offered to testify to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Mueller never responded, according to Dotcom.

Solomon’s article is here:  http://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/394036-How-Comey-intervened-to-kill-Wikileaks-immunity-deal

At 9:22 p.m. EDT, Hannity said that Assange is “the one person” who can state accurately the origin of the emails.


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