by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 21, 2018) — On a radio show earlier today, House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said that congressional subpoenas will soon be issued to individuals with knowledge of the FBI’s actions in the Trump “Russia collusion” investigation which remains ongoing.

Over the last several weeks, The Daily Caller and FNC host Sean Hannity reported that FBI agents have offered to come forward with information they say they have about wrongdoing on the part of their fellow agency employees if they receive congressional subpoenas.  That way, they believe, they can circumvent the retaliation they are certain would be directed at them by their superiors.

On Wednesday, journalist Sara A. Carter reported that Meadows believes that the FBI altered interview forms, known as “302s,” which may have affected the decision to prosecute former Trump national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret) for allegedly lying to the FBI in late December 2016.

On Tuesday, Meadows suggested to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz during his sworn testimony to a joint-committee session of Congress that certain 302s were altered, which Horowitz did not confirm.

Horowitz was testifying as to the findings outlined in his 568-page report released on June 14 concluding that former FBI Director James Comey acted improperly when he held a solo press conference, without consulting the attorney general, to announce that he would not recommend a criminal charge against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for using a private email server over which it is known she sent classified information.

Flynn pleaded “guilty” in December to one count of lying to the FBI, but Comey said in sworn testimony in March 2017 that his understanding was that FBI agents did not believe Flynn had lied during FBI questioning. Flynn has reportedly had to sell his home to pay his legal expenses.

Earlier on Thursday, Carter published an article titled, “What Happened During the Michael Flynn FBI Interview?” in which she reported that a former senior FBI official said of Flynn’s interview, “Flynn was only interviewed once and was never under oath. McCabe was interviewed twice and was under oath during both instances. Further, Flynn was never told that he was being formally interviewed…”

“McCabe” is former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired in March.

The 302 completed during Hillary Clinton’s July 2016 interview, if there was one, might also have been altered.

Commentator Sean Hannity suggested to guests Carter and former Trump adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka that a vote on Articles of Impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may soon be taken as a result of Rosenstein’s non-delivery of documents associated with the Russia “collusion” probe.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes has been quiet on that threat since his lengthy interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday in which he said he would take action on Wednesday if he did not begin to receive subpoenaed documents from Rosenstein on Monday and/or Tuesday of this week.


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