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by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 20, 2018) — At approximately 12:55 PM EDT, this writer spoke with former Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff and current U.S. Senate candidate Joseph M. Arpaio.

Our telephone call lasted approximately three minutes, as Arpaio was en route to an engagement and said he has an extremely busy schedule on Wednesday.

We were put in touch with Arpaio through Chris Hegstrom, the point of contact for a press release obtained by The Post & Email Wednesday morning which reports that Arpaio discovered that FBI agents presented themselves as reporters at an event in advance of one of his political campaigns.

In recent weeks, several Trump campaign aides have claimed that they were approached by individuals appearing to offer “help” or negative information on Trump’s then-Democratic presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Trump co-chairman Sam Clovis and two informal foreign-policy advisors, George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, have reported interacting with an “informant” acknowledged by The Washington Post and The New York Times last month to have been dispatched by the FBI in the UK.

It is as yet unknown what type of information the overseas informant was seeking or how much the FBI might have paid him.

More recently, former Trump campaign aides Michael Caputo and longtime Trump associate and informal advisor Roger Stone have said they were approached by an individual who turned out to be a Russian national in the United States under mysterious circumstances.

The press release urges the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate “illegal infiltration of the Trump Campaign and beyond,” undoubtedly referring to the FBI’s “counterintelligence” probe into alleged “collusion” with Russian operatives on the part of Trump campaign aides.

Similar to the FISA warrant obtained by FBI and DOJ officials with the now-infamous Russia “dossier” used as evidence, the press release reminds the public that Arpaio accused the government of “wiretapping” his office in 2015 while he was the object of a civil-contempt proceeding culminating in not only a federal judge’s finding of civil contempt, but also a referral and conviction for criminal contempt of court.

That finding, arrived at without the jury Arpaio’s attorneys had requested, remains in place, although a presidential pardon issued last August set aside sentencing and punishment.  However, the press release claims that the law firm Perkins Coie is currently “on a retained mission seeking a Federal Court invalidation of a legal and proper pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio issued by President Trump.”

When we asked Arpaio when he learned that FBI agents had posed as reporters,” he responded, “2000.”  Arpaio served six continuous terms as Maricopa County Sheriff from 1993 two 2016.

Because of his busy schedule, Arpaio had time to answer just one question.

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