by Sharon Rondeau

(Jun. 6, 2018) — On Tuesday evening, “Lou Dobbs Tonight” hosted frequent guest Chris Farrell, Director of Investigations and Research for the government-watchdog organization Judicial Watch, to discuss newly-revealed text messages exchanged between former FBI attorney Lisa Page and former FBI counterintelligence deputy director Peter Strzok.

On Monday the Senate released 502 pages of documentation containing the texts.  Since early last year, a number of congressional committees have been requesting documents from the Justice Department and FBI pertaining to the Clinton and Trump-Russia “collusion” investigations.  The document release is labeled “Appendix C” by the Senate.

On May 23, 2013, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley asked Justice in a letter to see Page/Strzok texts in “fully unredacted” form.

On Sunday House Intelligence Commitee Chairman Devin Nunes told FNB’s Maria Bartiromo that he is still awaiting the release of subpoenaed documents from Justice.

Strzok is reportedly still employed at the FBI in the Human Resources division, while Page resigned early last month. Thousands of texts exchanged between the two, who were said to be romantically-involved at the time, were discovered by the Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, during the course of his investigation into the FBI’s handling of its probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state.

While all of the texts have not yet been made public, some show what appears to be a plan to thwart the Trump presidential campaign, with the newest texts under discussion by Dobbs and Farrell, dated December 28, 2015, referencing “oconus lures.”

The release of a highly-anticipated report by Horowitz has been delayed approximately two weeks, and it is unclear if the documents released by the Senate are part of that report, which was disseminated to Congress as well as FBI and DOJ individuals whose names were included for review and possible redactions. During his broadcast, Dobbs reported that the FBI redacted the word “lures” but that the IG did not, suggesting that the newly-released documents may emanate from the IG’s report.

Farrell, who has a military counterintelligence background, said that “oconus” stands for “outside the continental United States” and signals that a “double-agent operation” was at work against the Trump campaign.

Farrell referred to an “executive order” which he said was breached by the agents as well as “violations of law.”  “This is intelligence tradecraft applied against a candidate to steal an election,” he told Dobbs.

Last month The Washington Post and The New York Times confirmed that an “informant” was dispatched by the FBI to interact with at least three members of the Trump campaign:  Sam Clovis, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page. Papadopoulos has since pleaded “guilty” to lying to the FBI during his questioning as part of the FBI’s Russia “collusion” investigation.

Former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo has said on the FNC “Hannity” show that there was more than one “informant.”  He said that he was personally approached with a “lure” of sorts concerning an unspecified batch of Clinton’s emails.  Caputo said he did not indicate interest in the “lure.”

On Tuesday, investigative reporter Sara A. Carter reported that Justice and FBI interested parties are attempting to “slow-roll” the ultimate release of the report to the public.

On page 4 of the new documentation, former FBI Director James Comey is seen writing to his then-chief of staff, James Rybicki, with a draft of what he proposed to say at a press conference which he ultimately delivered alone on July 5, 2016.  During the presser, he exonerated Clinton of any criminal wrongdoing as allegedly investigated by the agency he led.

Although Comey told the public on that date that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” the draft originally said that the FBI’s findings would be turned over “to the Department of Justice for a prosecutive decision.”

It is believed that Strzok played a prominent role in the Clinton email investigation.  The texts specifically discussed by Dobbs and Farrell are on page 53 of the Senate’s release.  A word search resulted in no other occurrences of the acronym”oconus.”

On page 24, Strzok and Page are seen discussing Trump’s and other candidates’ remarks made during the 2016 campaign season, with one saying, referring to Trump, “This man can not be president.” [sic]  [Editor’s Note:  The texts are not labeled as to who is texting who, and obscenities are frequently invoked.]

There are numerous references to “Andy,” who is probably former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, for whom Page worked.

On page 232 of the PDF (p. 22 of text section), Page and Strzok discussed Trump’s Republican primary win and consequent need for them to “finish MYE.”  “MYE” stands for “Mid-Year Exam,” the FBI’s code name for the Clinton email investigation.

On page 306, Strzok appears to confirm with Page that she planned to “leave” the FBI “when Andy does.” McCabe was fired in mid-March for allegedly lying under oath as part of the IG’s investigation.

Another conversation about the general election between Strzok and Page contains respective references to “sandernistas” and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who either Page or Strzok feared could “take fed information and disclose it to disrupt.”



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  1. In the Bible there are numerous examples of those who thought they were wise in their own
    eyes who met their own demise. While sin has a season, in the end it requires full payment.
    Obama and his team are highly unlikely to repent. Things are starting to get heavy and the
    heat is increasing on them. If I was a betting person I’ld be calling a bookie in Vagus and be putting some cash against the success of Barry and his gang.

    Usually, previous preparation produces favorable results. I sense that Trump’s life has prepared him to not only to be an excellent president, but to hunt down Obama and bag him. I sense that when Obama mocked and derided Trump at the White House Roast/Dinner that was a turning point for him to run for office.

    Over many years I’ve followed Trump and had heard of the kind things he did for other people. Several months ago at a local Republican Meeting a local V.I.P. and member of
    the community and a member of his Golf Club gave an excellent insight of Trumps friendly demeanor and kind actions. Here I liked what I heard.

    The Dem-O-Rats and the Republicans-Can’t-and-Won’ts both installed Obummer by being
    complicit or inactive. Further, the GOP while having the numbers have not lately passed meaningful legislation. Despite this, Trumps has accomplished numerous great goals. And I suspect and expect the trend to just continue…

    Recently, I obtained several books to further study Trump. The titles are:

    *TRUMP THE ART OF THE DEAL (Copyright 1987) Trump/Tony Schwartz
    *TIME TO GET TOUGH (Copyright 2011/updated for 2016) Trump
    *THE CONSERVATIVE CASE FOR TRUMP (Copy right 2016) Phyllis Schlafly
    *THE ART OF THE DONALD (Copyright 2017) Christopher Bedford

    In referring to my previous awareness of Trump and reading and studying his continued actions I am confidant we are in excellent hands. He will beat the deep state and bag Obama. With Trump, I sleep well at night. I’ll never get tired of winning, especially with Trump at the wheel. With Obama, he said others have to ride in the back seat. With Trump, everyone is in the front seat.


  2. Quote from article, referring to Trump:

    “This man cannot be president”……..and now the unspoken part………because if he is that will likely blow the doors open on Obama being an ineligible, identity fraud con-artist who usurped America’s presidency. Hillary was quoted as saying about Trump, leaving out her profanities, “If Trump is elected, we will all hang”. If there is any real justice left in America that will be a rare true statement by Hillary. It was easy to have a coalition form to get Trump out of office because of the number of people in both political parties who failed miserably, for various reasons, to stop “Obama” from usurping America’s presidency. All of Congress, both parties, would be first on the list. It is not hard to understand why the desperate effort to get Trump out of office will not stop if you consider what the penalties should be for literally giving America’s government and her military to the enemy…….something those complicit in the Obama fraud know they did, and they are now desperately trying to keep that fact from being fully revealed and acted on by getting Trump out of office before it happens. They do this primarily to protect number 1…..themselves. Obama and anyone who could lead to Obama are also protected as a part of those complicit in the mother of all crimes against America’s Constitution protecting themselves. No incentive like self-preservation.