by Sharon Rondeau

Journalist John F. Solomon, photo by Gage Skidmore

(Jun. 1, 2018) — On Friday night’s “Hannity” in an opening statement to a discussion about FBI activity, investigative reporter John Solomon of The Hill told host Sean Hannity that “ten years ago,” the FBI “intercepted” his emails in the course of his research.

Las July, Solomon became executive vice president of “video” at The Hill, a mainstream outlet which covers Congress.  His bio reads, “John Solomon is an award-winning investigative journalist whose work over the years has exposed U.S. and FBI intelligence failures before the Sept. 11 attacks, federal scientists’ misuse of foster children and veterans in drug experiments, and numerous cases of political corruption.

The statement was made in response to Hannity’s having publicized a new book by Dr. Jerome Corsi, “Killing the Deep State,” which alleges that Hannity is the “next target” of entrenched political operatives within federal-government agencies known as “the Deep State.”

When Hannity asked Solomon if he believed Corsi’s claim, Solomon said, “I hope not; we hope everyone follows the law,” he then disclosed that the FBI conducted its surveillance of him.

Solomon spoke further about a report introduced on Thursday night, published as an article on Friday, that new text messages exchanged between FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page give the impression that the Obama White House “was running” the FBI’s probe of the Trump campaign for alleged Russian “collusion” to win the election.  His new article is titled, “London ‘bridges’ falling down: Curious origins of FBI’s Trump-Russia probe” and is classified as an “Opinion” column.

Previously, texts between Strzok and Page were revealed as having said that “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing.”  Many of the text messages are partially redacted.

“Somebody said ‘the [Obama] White House is now running this,'” Solomon said he was told by an official following a meeting.  He said that the new emails reveal that “informants” and “opposition researchers” were making contact with members of the Trump campaign months before the official opening of the probe, claimed by the FBI to be July 31, 2016.

Solomon’s appearance was followed by investigative reporter Sara A. Carter, who published a lengthy article Friday containing a timeline of known events associated with the FBI’s investigation of the campaign purportedly for signs of Russian “collusion.”

An American professor associated with Cambridge University in the UK is said to have contacted at least three members of the campaign, offering to “help” Trump but, according to Carter’s article, stating just before the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton “would be the better candidate.”

According to Carter’s sources, the investigation was initiated in Europe and could involve an exchange of information among the “Five Eyes” nations comprising the U.S., Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia.  A Maltese professor also associated with Cambridge, Thomas Mifsud, whose current whereabouts are said to be unknown, is also thought to have been involved in developing the narrative that someone within the Trump campaign had inside information about Russia and Hillary Clinton.

Carter’s research shows that the Trump investigation likely began earlier than the July 31, 2016 date provided to the public by the FBI.

Mifsud was discussed on the previous program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” by former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer Dan Bongino.

Carter closed her interview with “Congress needs to act on” the new revelations.


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  1. CDR Kerchner

    All roads leading to Obama’s 100% proven forged birth certificate also involve John Brennan and the CIA. Mike Zullo discussed this in his recent “Freedom Friday” interview with Carl Gallups.
    Thank you for all you are doing to try to expose and get acted on…..the truth about Barry.

  2. Almost all in Congress are covering for Obama because it was Congress job in 2009 not to allow an identity fraud, con-artist to usurp America’s presidency. Jeff Sessions was sitting in 2009, with the rest of Congress, in a meeting where Nancy Pelosi asked if anyone objected to Barack Obama being sworn in as president. In about 2 seconds she banged her gavel……and no one had tried to speak out. That sealed the deal, Congress had officially given America’s government and her military to the enemy, and of course violated their sworn oath to protect the Constitution. After that they had no choice but to cover for that “mistake” forever, anything else and it’s hello prison. Since that day in 2009 there has been zero chance Obama or anyone who could lead to Obama would ever be prosecuted for anything……because that could lead to the truth about Barry and all complicit in the Obama fraud and associated corruption being charged with the biggest crime against America and her Constitution possible. This is considered by all complicit to be a, “crime too big to prosecute”.