by Sharon Rondeau

(May 6, 2018) — On Sunday’s “Fox & Friends” at approximately 8:35 a.m. EDT, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes told co-hosts Ed Henry, Pete Hegseth and Abby Huntsman that filing suit in federal court could be the next step in obtaining requested documents from the Justice Department and specifically, from Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Although the documents are classified, Nunes said, he is not willing to accept that from the Justice Department as a defense for their non-production.  “I’m not going to take any excuse to say, ‘Oh, we’re harming national security.  How many times have we heard that argument throughout this entire investigation?…'” Nunes said, referring to other instances where the committee was stymied from obtaining documentation in connection with the “Russia” investigation and “FISA abuse” alleged against some in the FBI and DOJ.

The most recent request sent to Justice, Nunes said, was for documentation showing how and why a counterintelligence investigation was launched into the Trump campaign in July 2016.  He said that the committee’s initial request was ignored by Justice, as was a subpoena sent last week to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

When Henry asked Nunes what the next step might be in obtaining the documents, Nunes responded that Congress could vote to file suit against the Department in federal court and hold Sessions in contempt of Congress.  Nunes insisted, however, that Congress should not have take legal action to obtain documents he said are associated with Congress’s oversight of executive-branch agencies.

“Walk us through what you’re actually going to do about it,” Henry said, to which Nunes responded, “So the next step this week is we will probably have to go to court to enforce this subpoena. So we’ve been in discussions with our general counsel for the United States Congress.  We did this with Lois Lerner and with Attorney General Holder,” he said, referring to the former IRS supervisor who admitted to “targeting” groups applying for tax-exempt status for political reasons beginning in 2011 and to Obama’s first attorney general, Eric Holder, who in 2012 withheld documents from Congress connected to the gunrunning operation Fast & Furious, claiming “executive privilege” on behalf of Obama.

At present, Nunes said, “I don’t know that the attorney general is even aware of our request,” adding that he would first opt to “talk to the attorney general to make sure he understands the significance of this request” before taking either of the two possible actions discussed.



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  1. out-of-control life-of their-own government-citizens vs private-citizens

    Knowledge is power,
    Ignorance is poverty,
    And willful ignorance (aka, “concrete cranium”) might invite and incite punishment.

    While no man can possibly know it all,
    A smart man knows what he doesn’t know,
    And a willfully ignorant Obama-man knows what he doesn’t want to know.

    Any government-citizen who remains willfully ignorant of Soetoro-Obama II’s fully verifiable NEVER-presIDent identity 08-28-08- TODAY is a candidate for punishment…like AG Contempt of Congress (COC) Holder and AG Contempt of Congress wannabe Sessions, Susan “Lie-a-Minute” Rice, Luna[n]cy Pelosi, Joke Biden, Long John “Passport Pirate” Brennan, Lyin’ Leakin’ Comey, Lyin’ Lynch and so many more.

    The cognitive dissonance of The Post and Email archives 2009- 2018 can crack and penetrate the concrete craniums of The Willfully Ignorant Obama-puke drinkers!

    A library is a cemetery of human thoughts, complete with ghost writers and history’s dead-time stories…for the premiere truth-seeking Post and Email archives to avoid becoming a silent cemetery of human thoughts, Knowledge Patriots all around America must now collect their 10 minute video messages and send them to President Trump, not AG Sessions, as today’s living testimonies to justify the subpoena and punishment of usurping Theft Left Thief-in-Chief Barry Soetoro-Obama II. .

  2. There is some confusion. Democrats equate the security of their party with national security. What they have done to the nation is irrelevant to them.