by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 21, 2018) — An inmate at the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (TTCC), Tennessee’s newest prison, reported in a letter postmarked April 12, 2018 that conditions there remain precarious primarily due to short-staffing.

A staff shortage at the facility was noted in a November 2017 audit report completed by the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury.  TTCC is owned and operated by CoreCivic, formerly Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).

The company also operates the Whiteville Correctional Facility, South Central Correctional Facility (SCCF), and Hardeman County Correctional Facility.

This publication, Nooganomics and Prison Legal News (PLN) have reported extensively about conditions at Trousdale as related by inmates and their relatives since the facility’s opening in January 2016.

In his recent letter, the inmate, who we have heard from often in the past, said that a stabbing by gang members rendered an inmate seriously injured, necessitating his being airlifted to a hospital and for a “lockdown” of the prison to be initiated.  “We at Trousdale went on lock down due to gang members went into a high security medical dept and stuck a Inmate, it was pretty bad cause the inmate had to be flown out.  This is just an example of how unsafe this jail has become,” he wrote on page 2.

“Due to very shortage of staff we inmates are put in harm’s way every day.  We inmates goes some times without C/O’s in the pods,” he continued.

He also commented on the difficulties, corroborated by many others, of obtaining medical attention.  “I’ve been waiting to see Medical at this C.C.A. from Jan.  I came down with flu like systems [sic] on 4-3-18, on 4-5-18, I filed out a “sick” call form to see Medical it’s now the 12th Thur, and still haven’t heard from Medical I had to lay in this cot for almost 2 weeks without any medical attention from this C.C.A.,” he wrote.

Last June, WSMV in Nashville broadcast a four-part series in which procedures used in medical emergencies were questioned by inmates’ relatives and allegations of a lack of medical care in serious situations were detailed.

The inmate also decried “political financial gain” as the alleged impetus behind prison operations.

He concluded his letter by stating that he is committed to continuing his efforts to “get this jail exposed.”

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  1. I feel something should be done about the way the inmates are being treated. And should not have to go through a dangerous day each and every day they are in there. Some of them do deserve a chance and shouldn’t be there!! So something needs to be done so they don’t have to fear for there Lives Every Day!!

  2. Guards came in into B bravo pod last night with mace in hand ordered all inmates to one end of the pod as they proceeded to remove a victim who had been beaten at the hand of a gang for the 2nd time in a week. Apparently the assaulted was able to get a call out to his family while the guards turn a blind eye to what is going on in there.

  3. Inmates are sent to these prisons to serve their sentence. Tennessee State should protect them, Tennessee State the one that sent them the inmates to these HORRIBLE PLACES. Somebody needs to do something about what is taking place in these prison. Hardeman County Correctional Facility is run by the gang member inmates. Inmates are threaten, beaten, robbed, stabbed and killed. They fear for their life 24/7. Employees are scared of the inmates that have taken over. Inmates have families that care, love, and worry about their safety. Does the State of Tennessee keep ignoring what is going on in Hardeman County Correctional Facility and other prisons in Tennessee? The inmates were put in there by the State of Tennessee they are to protect them and make sure they are safe. That should be a crime to, the way they the inmates are having to go thru. Wrong is wrong!!!

  4. This prison is just a joke! The gangs have taken over and the staff is scared to cross them. The facility needs to put some kind of block tower so that to cell phone reception can go in or out! The facility is full of drugs alcohol. They are making alcohol in the cells. The guards know this. There are inmates that are having to pay big money to just stay alive. They are in there serving their time so why do they have to live in HELL while they are there. All these young punks in the gangs have stabbed, beat and raped many inmates. It is out of control. Please somebody do something!! I can get no help from the governor nor core civic nor the deot of corrections. They wont even take your calls.