From:  BETH Haycraft
To: “Olroyd, Emily” <>, “Hinds, Amanda” <>,,, “Michelle R. Hergert” <>
Date: April 8, 2018 at 10:21 AM
Subject: escalation fear of crisis

Dr. Olroyd et al,

Over the past week, I have been aware of an escalation of symptoms in my husband Michael Wayne Haycraft, #00277811, as evidenced by inability to focus while on the telephone, decreased ability to cope with the atmosphere of being locked down in a protective custody (p/c) environment, decreased ability to function when out of his cell for ‘pod time’ and decreased interaction skills with other inmates.  Michael has reported to me that he is not able to sleep through the night, has increased anxiety/irritability, increased hypervigilance and decreased ability to control symptoms of irritability.

I overheard a heated exchanged between Michael and a ‘rock man’ the evening of Friday, April 6, 2018; this is the first interaction of the like I have overheard since his transfer to Morgan County Correctional Complex (MCCX).

External stressors include 6 months of being in p/c, a recent letter informing him of transfer to a facility further away from his family and an upcoming parole hearing April 10, 2018.  These factors would have a negative effect on someone who is mentally stable, but the effects on someone with severe mental illness are greatly compounded.

I am concerned Michael is going into crisis and am asking for mental health intervention as soon as possible to stabilize his condition.

Thank you.

Beth Haycraft

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